[Fixed] When buying 2 stocks of "1 Random Spell Pages" in Bazaar you get only one page

In the today’s Bazaar of Gem Raiders kingdom we have “1 Random Spell Pages” offer for 5 gems. When you select quantity 2, you don’t get 2 pages as expected, but only one.

I have a video that I may send in private. But it’s difficult to transfer videos from Playstation. You don’t need it, since this is easily reproducible. Other kingdom members reported the same problem.

Please fix. Thanks.


If you can attach it to a Support ticket for me to have a look at, that would be fantastic.

But in the meantime, if I could have your name code I can check your account data to check the spell and total of pages received

I Also only got 1 page KUSHCLOUDZ1CLIPS_NPUG i figured it just gave me 2 of same page but only showed #1. Happened to everyone though


Excellent, I grabbed your data and I can see the log

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My code is MAGIAN_XHLB.

(Added it to the Profile info, so you don’t need to ask and wait until I return to the forum.)

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No further information needed, I have reported this to the team and they are now looking into it!

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@Jeto This also happened to me and a lot other players as well.

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A fix is being released - the missing spells will also be sent out within the next day or so once we finish grabbing account data.

Again, no further information or reports needed.


Team is working on getting those spell pages out, will edit this when I have an ETA

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Thanks jeto! Your the best!!!

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Comp going out for this sometime today.

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