[Ticket has been submitted] Spell Page Malfunction


Since the spell system update, around 90% of the pages I gain are never counted. I’m missing thousands of spell pages: will the bug be fixed soon?

I have contacted technical support several times but nothing is fixed for my account.

Can you help me ?

Charlotte (as PapillonDam)

Your spell pages are being counted, its just initially confusing because of how the game counts them. It always starts at zero and then goes up to your current total plus the amount you just gained in the chest… So lets say you had 800 in the current rarity and you find 121 spell copies in the chest? Your bar would start at 0 and quickly zoom up to 921. At first you might be thinking you found 921 copies, but you actually just found 121. Its a good system, its just initially confusing till you’ve gotten used to it.

Thank you for your analysis but that’s not it at all.

90% of my spells remain at 0 pages despite hundreds of drops.

But are you getting spell pages for those spells? Pages are spell specific, so you will only get pages for the spells you open in chests. I also have plenty of spells at 0 pages because I haven’t received pages for those yet.

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For sure…

Thank you for your questions but I would prefer that technical support analyze my account and respond to my requests which are accompanied by dozens of photos that clearly show the problem.

For information my citadel lvl 160 and I am full mythic… I know “a little” about the game, thank you.

Hey @PapillonDam

Firstly, where are you trying to contact us as we have not had any tickets come through recently about spell pages?
To confirm, to contact us for support the best place to do so other than reaching out on this forum is by submitting a ticket here:
As we do not offer any support elsewhere, such as through our social media.

These questions can either be answered here, or via a submitted ticket (both would be answered by me)

  • Is it that you aren’t getting new spells, or on a specific screen you aren’t seeing your spell page count increase?
    • Can you attach a screenshot of a spell page on the reward screen and then that spell in your inventory? Hopefully it is either just a visual issue or a misunderstanding
  • Is this all spells or some spells?
    • Can you list the most recent spells you saw rewarded to your account but are showing as 0 in your inventory?

Also, other players here in the forum are both trying to help each other in working out issues, and is also a help to me, as sometimes something might be reported as a bug but through discussions in the community have lead to discovering it may be a misunderstanding or have generally generated some valuable feedback in addition to reporting a bug - all before I get eyes on it.

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A great one to check would be Channel Poison, as I can see in your logs that about 2 hours ago you got 35 Spell pages for it and then went into your Spell inventory and upgraded this spells rarity.

So, one example of you receiving spell pages and I imagine it is displaying in your inventory as well or this would not have allowed you to upgrade it to Epic+

Checked another one, about 8 hours ago you received 89 pages for the spell Consume Souls (12:32 AM AEDT) then later at 4:24 AM AEDT this spell was also upgraded to Epic+.


Thank you for your interest and your kind response.

Please forgive me if my words are not very understandable but I am French and it is Google translate that helps me…

I have already contacted technical support by creating a ticket for this same problem which has been going on since the update about spells.

For any response, you sent me a question by email (Luis A. support"@"505games.com), a question to which I responded by email.

Having received no response, I replied to you with other emails accompanied by around thirty screens.

As I explained to you, the bug does not affect all spells but most of those I need (around 30 spells) and to date I am missing around 5000 pages.

So I’m sending you, via the link you gave me, an example of a screen from less than an hour ago.

Can you check, correct the bug and return all the pages that I am missing since the update more than a month ago?

My problem is the spells and spell pages I receive from the Mage aren’t even for my type of character. So useless.

I can see where that is frustrating. At level 45 she gains the ability to craft for a specific class.

Are you receiving random class specific spells for other classes when you exchange dust for pages? Or just random spells that you could use, but don’t fit your character?

What were you expecting from her exchange? I’m hoping they adjust her some in the future, so your expectations may help them understand how players perceive how her ability should work.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, it’s very frustrating. Seems like such a waste. When I exchange dust I get spells for a completely different class of character. I did 5 exchanges and got 5 new spells but none for my character. I’m Assassin and these were for for Paladian and other classes I didn’t recognize. It seems like they should have her make pages or spells for your class or general spells everyone can use if those exist. I guess I’ll save my dust until I can upgrade her to level 45.

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Hopefully they make a meaningful change to Xione in the near future. I believe the changes they made to her were way off target, especially for newer players.

For now, it is probably a good idea to just collect and hold the dust.


Funnily enough the best way to get her to level 45 will be to complete the story and all the side quests with each different hero class. In this case you may use the spells for the different classes.

@PapillonDam I’m sorry you have not receieved a response from their support team - I can see you have submitted a ticket to our team, so I will get a response to you as soon as I can!

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