[Fixed in 3.0.1] Xione crafting can craft pages from ancient mythic spells

When crafting random spells with Xione, she can give you spell pages for already ancient mythic spells, wasting spell dust. For example, when using the second ability spending 500 spell dust to get dark spells, I got the following:

This means that she got me 10 spell pages from one of my 2 ancient mythic spells, which is just a clear waste of spell dust (I spent 500 spell dust and got 50 spell dust, and at best I could get 125).

Ancient mythic spells shouldn’t be eligible for Xione crafting. You are probably pretty busy with the new update, but I hope you can look into it and fix it. As always, thank you very much for your attention and hard work :slightly_smiling_face:


@HigureTheStillWind is this on your account, if so when did you craft it? I’m, not seeing any log over the past couple of days - wanna make sure I’m looking in the right place

Ive had this issue too when using xione. I used 2500 dust for a choosen class and think it give me 500 dust, i shared it with our psn community and did not think to question it here,

The team is working on a fix for this at the moment!

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I was supposed to make a thread about it when this happened to me a while ago but totally forgot at the time so Higure asked me to comment here my experience as well,
so, as the picture shows I posted this on our Discord the 27th of February, I understand if this happened too long ago for any compensations but just in case here’s my game code BERKIEL_ELOV and again sorry for not reporting it myself when it was still fresh.


This issue also happens in the random 50x spell pages for 5000 gold offer in the shop. It is less of a problem since you are spending gold, but I believe ancient mythic spells shouldn’t appear here neither.

It happened to ANJARA_LWLV half an hour ago or so (putting this just in case you want to confirm, no need for any kind of compensation for this).

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