[Reported] Incorrect ingots count after the 1.3 update


I’ve noticed that me and members are missing 5 ingots.

I think it happened after the update to 1.3
I’m using Samsung Galaxy S10+.

I just checked this in my game and we have multiple members including me that don’t have any ingots showing.

Others only have 5 or 10. We have 1 member that is showing 20 ingots.

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Just my two cents but I observed this as well. As far as I can tell, members earned ingots correctly, but when the Update 1.3 was applied the ingot “counter” for displaying ingots earned got reset so any ingots earned previously did not show up in the roster display as earned. From my tracking I believe that all members earned ingots correctly but a CX response would be needed to confirm.

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I would agree if the update wasn’t released on the weekly reset.

The update went live a couple of days after weekly reset.

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Unfortunately my kingdom is not the most active, but so far the ingots count is correct for this week.

Most likely Sibelios is right and this was temporary and only visual issue caused by the update release.

It seems to be fine now for us and most likely a visual bug rather.