[FIXED] Total Kingdom Crests Earned Week to Date are Significantly Understated

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

Total Kingdom Crests earned are summed and displayed on the Kingdom page:

This total should equal the sum of individual kingdom memebers’ crests earned. In this instance the total Crests reported to be earned for Kingdom rewards is 6,650. However, when you add up all the Crests earned by individual members the total is 7,780:

I have observed lag in tabulations before of individual members and occasionally there are instances of unreported but earned Crests, however this is the most significant discrepancy I’ve seen to date of total crests earned by kingdom. If this discrepency persists, it is highly likely that kingdom rewards will be unrewarded even though earned.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I don’t know.

Steps to make it happen again
See above.


Current Kingdom total: 7,550
Total Sum of all Members: 8,680
Difference: 1,130

Consistent with difference first reported: 8860 - 7750 = 1130

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Current Kingdom total: 9,380
Total Sum of all Members: 10,510
Difference: 1,130

Given the consistent difference, it would appear that it was a gap in data collection that occurred at a given date (I believe it was Wed-Thur)

Final update

Current listed Kingdom total (11,180):

Total actual sum of all members (12,310):

Difference: 1,130

Submitting a ticket on behalf of all members for lost currency as it is unlikely that we will hit 12k with this error.


Great start to the week. We have 860 by all members but the Weekly Count shows 580. Working great!

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New week same problem:

Actual sum from all players: 1,930

Continuing to shout into the black hole!

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Hmmm I just checked ours.

Ours is short by 840!

I’m going to watch it as the week goes on to see if that number holds.

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Further detail to add if this ever gets noticed:

We are currently listed at 980 Crests with the following upcoming reward:

However, we received this almost 12 hours ago:

So “behind the scenes” the count is apparently more accurate, but not entirely accurate or we would have received our 12k Ruby Key reward from last week.

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Another update because it’s hilariously absurd now; we just lost 30 Crests! Maybe we get a special reward if we go to negative Crests.

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Why wouldn’t you want to take the time to address something like this? Are you just passing this on? How would I know?

Current Weekly Kingdom Crest Total: 2,540
Current Sum of all players: 3,850
Variance: 1,310

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Current Weekly Kingdom Crest Total Shown: 3,800
Current Sum of all players: 5,110
Variance: 1,310

Still no response here nor to the ticket that I submitted about last week’s shortfall. :yawning_face:


This has been escalated with the development team for further investigation.

The data should be updating regularly (once per minute). But as mentioned the development team is looking into this.

We apologies for the delays in responding in the forums at the moment, the team is working on getting on top of Forum Bug Reports (and feedback) and updating players where possible. Although while we do not respond to every thread, we strive to respond to threads that require a response or update.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

It’s good to see some responses finally. Regarding this issue I still have an outstanding Ticket that was submitted August 2nd; Ticket #105290, no response to date. Every member of my kingdom missed out on Ruby Key reward due to this issue and is likely to miss out on it again this week. Many players spent gems to hit Crest totals to reach the kingdom reward as advertised.

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Just an update for the experience in my guild. I’ve checked every morning since the weekly reset and we have been shorted exactly 840, each day. The fact that our number has been static and Sibelios number is fluctuating, might mean there are multiple issues in play here.

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My kingdom has had a varying degree of mismatch. Lower than both of yours but between 30 and 120 crests

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@Tresk with yours being static are you able to also share some screenshots too?

Current Weekly Kingdom Crest Total Shown: 5,060
Current Sum of all players: 6,370
Variance: 1,310

The variance seems to have settle at 1,310 which suggests that this is happening at the beginning of the week (for what reason I don’t know). It was suggested by some that it could be the result of Bounties being completed on one day (let’s say the last day of the game week) and then being turned in on the first day of the new game week, after weekly reset. I have no clue if this is what is happening, but the discrepency seems to be too big for that to be the issue and the fact that at one point the total was moving down suggests it is something else.

@Jeto At this moment in time, our deficit is now 1350. No longer static. It appears that people a currently, actively working on tasks, so I cannot get accurate screen shots atm. (Numbers are changing between shots haha)

I will make an another attempt in a few hours.

Current Weekly Kingdom Crest Total: 6,950
Current sum of all players: 8,260
Variance: 1,310

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