[REPORTED] Total Kingdom Crest Count is Significantly Understated

This issue has risen its head again. I previously reported it here:

This week the issue is back. I have submitted a Feedback Support request (Ticket #113106) in which I provided screenshot support showing that we are currently ~7,000 Crests short when comparing Total Crest Count in the Kingdom tally to the total of all Crests earned by Members for the week.

This is a significant discrepency and will likely cause us to miss rewards as a result.

We are seeing this also.

Game displays a current weekly kingdom crest total of 11654, as compared to 17180 when adding up the totals of each player.

Ugh this bug is back? Fabulous. :woman_facepalming: :roll_eyes:

So 20 hours ago I replied above stating our Kingdom crest total was 11654 when it should have been 17180.

Instead of improving or correcting itself, the game has gone into reverse. Apparently we now have a weekly total of 6962, though adding up the current player list totals 19371.

The “Next Reward” appears to be coded to the current total and not expecting it to go into reverse, since it thinks the 9000 crest target is the next one, despite having already paid out on Tier XI this week.

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@Jeto Any word on this yet? I’ve had no response to my ticket. We are current down 9,272 Crests by my count. Total member sum is 17,550 (including one member no longer in the kingdom). We have only up to received up to Kingdom Award X (Gold Key, 1,000 Gold for 9,000 Crests). We will miss Awards XI, XII, and XIII if this issue is not corrected.

Hey all,

I brought this up with the team this morning and they have begun investigating this issue again!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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We finished well over 18k but missed out on the last three rewards (2x Ruby Key, 1x Diamond Key). Any chance of compensation? We did not receive duplicate keys of any type.

I received an email on 3/10 from you about this but no followup to date. This issue is still outstanding and our entire group has lost rewards.

Now here we are again and again. Currently Weekly Kingdom Crests are:

But we have well nearly 9,000+ Crests from members week to date. We have already triggered Kingdom Reward IX, but if this is not resolved then we will likely miss the final 4 rewards (or some) yet again. Please assist



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Currently our member totals: 15,092
Currently our Weekly Kingdom Crest total: 8,067
Net Difference: (7,025)

Bug finally hit the guild I am in.


Lyranica and myself each have more crests than what is bring reported in the weekly kingdom total.


Also, oddly, the Title section of the guild is now completely blank.


Our title section is blank, also.

Hey, just a quick update to let you know we’re still following up on what’s causing this issue.
We typically try to work out what’s causing it and seeing if it’s a quick fix or something that will take awhile or need to be a part of a future client update so we can work out appropriate compensation as well as advise about what we’re doing about the bug, any timelines we can share and any work arounds we’ve discovered in the meantime.


Thank you for the update @Kafka . This is the second week that we are currently on track to miss the last kingdom reward (1x Diamond Key) due to this error (I believe we missed 1x Ruby Key as well the prior week). Currently we have nearly 25,000 Crests for the week but are showing ~16,700.

I’m saving my screenshots to help with receiving compensation for the entire kingdom who are unfairly missing out on the listed rewards. Thanks.

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Ours has the 3 Title Holders based on last week’s results all grouped up together under the Master of Crests title (however they are not all receiving the Master of Crests Bonus)

This is our life this week and last. :eyes:

WAIT! I took that cap… then collected my mail.

Now it looks like this:

So who the heck knows what’s going on?

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All sorted to the bottom and today

No soup for anyone. (title wise)

haha same guild different screens. Oh sure, why not? Everything else is random… why not this? lol

The Akatsuki is having the issue this week. We are recieving slightly less than 50% than whats showing on the crest leaderboard.