[Reported] Missing crests is it a glitch?

I played last night (after daily reset) and today but I show 0 crests.

Where are you viewing your Crest total, in your Kingdom roster? Also, is this a specific game mode or all battles?

Just jumped on to complete some battles and Crests are being rewarded on my account and updated in my roster correctly.

Yes I viewed the crest count in the kingdom. It has since started counting my crests but i lost hundreds of crests. No big deal now that it has started counting them as long as they don’t disappear again. Since I’m kingdom leader I have no fear of being removed for under preforming, but I do worry about it happening to others. Thanks Jeto for following up.

Jeto it happened again my crests disappeared!

@BluesKnight what is your name code?

I ended up finding your account, it seems to be a visual issue. One of the devs checked your account data and the Crests are still there, it just appears they are not displaying.

They are looking into a fix.

Thank you appreciate you looking into it.

Hey @BluesKnight

Just a little update, as I needed to take some leave so missed getting back to you sooner - the devs have found the issue but unfortunately the fix may not make it into 2.1

This issue occurs you log in and do a daily reset at the same time the Kingdom is processing the Crest rewards - which is why it is happening so randomly - But shout out if this happens again.

As mentioned, luckily this is only a visual issue, you are still earning the Crests

This happened to me, back in August of last year. Good to see it’s been figured out!