[Ticket Submitted] My crest count was reset to ZERO!

(playing on steam)
After finishing my daily challenges, daily event battles, all of my daily story battles, a couple of elite story levels, some random skirmishes and a few random dungeons, I checked my current crest total before logging off and it was ZERO! (I had over 900 crests after my previous play session.)

I tried restarting the game, still zero. I tried rebooting and restarting, still zero. I then did a quick pvp to see if it would be stuck at zero, give me the 2 crests, or fix itself back to where it should be. It just gave me 2 crests.

I then tried loading the game on my ipad. It showed me at 2 crests. I did another quick pvp on my ipad and it moved me to 4 crests.

So all of my previously earned crests for the week are just GONE.


Hey @Tresk

I have grabbed your ticket and am in the process of investigating!

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Thanks Jeto. I think I should get a special sort of crown for being the queen of weird one off bugs, haha! Maybe just a tasteful tiara. :eyes:

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