[PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT] Missing 80 crests completed last night

Samsung Galazy s10, I completed bounties totaling 80 crests but it says I have zero. This has never happened before. Please fix the error.


This happened to me once, a couple of weeks ago. But the crests eventually appeared. I can’t remember how long I waited but it was less than 12 hours.

Yeah, Pharm is in our kingdom; that’s what we did, waiting about 12 hours, because we had the same thing happen to another member two weeks ago as you describe, where the crests didn’t show up for several hours. Unfortunately, that has not been the case so far after almost 16 hours.


Has now been 24 hours and I am missing 80 crests. Please fix the error. Thanks.

Please contact our support team here: https://puzzlequest3.zendesk.com/hc/en-us so we can help you recover your missing resources @Pharmacist.

I reported it already, cmon I have been waiting for almost 2 days for 80 missing crests. If you expect people to play this game, then you need to address problems and resolve them in a timely manner. I am owed 80 crests from Monday!!

@Pharmacist, I know it’s frustrating but at least report it via the portal @Salty indicated. They are trying to help! I gotta at least give em this one :innocent:

The link provided just goes back to reporting a bug option. I guess the developers don’t care about such a small issue, even though it is important to me.

@Pharmacist I think you are supposed to use the “Submit a Request” button. That includes an option to report missing in game rewards or items

I think this is absurd. How hard csn it be to correct??

I get that it’s frustrating but it would take less time to fill out the form then getting frustrated here. It’s 80 crests, either fill our the form or just don’t worry about it any more :sweat_smile:

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What form? I don’t see a link to a form.

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Thank you for the help @Sibelios.

Unfortunately I cannot personally credit any crests to your account. Our support team has tools that enable them to do so, and they can check your logs and ensure everything is correct. Please submit a ticket.