[FIXED?] Infinite Key Glitch

It has been around since the start of the game, but similar to the deterioration that keeps occurring to coop with every patch, version 0.36 has made crest desync stronger than ever.

It has been mentioned and indirectly shown in quite a few threads over the months, but still seems to have no dev response. Every guild related thread I have ever made still has no response.

It is currently possible to create infinite keys off of the crest system related to guilds. This is due to the 1 minute check on the crest total and the fact that top guilds have lost 100,000s of crests due to the inconsistency of how crests are tracked.

Essentially what happens is if a crest reward is about to be reached, it can be claimed infinite times by getting exactly 10 crests away from the objective then doing as many crest bounties as possible with as many guild members as possible within the remaining 1 minute window.

I personally have not seen this exceed 3 as my guild has never tried to deliberately trigger it, as in generating 2 extra keys just by natural means, but this could in theory generate 30-100s of keys per crest key objective. This is 100s of gold keys and ruby keys per week.

While this glitch has always existed, the higher degradation of the crest system in 0.36 has made it more frequent than ever. Instead of it being around once per month, it now occurs multiple times per week without even trying. If guilds do start coordinating this, it would break the economy in under a week.

Not sure why the devs keep ignoring every guild related issue despite the numerous reports, as this is only 1 but many resource exploits related to the current guild system. Literally every system in guilds has an exploit currently, not a single aspect doesn’t.


Hey @Tacet

Thank you for taking the time to write this report.

We did put out a fix for the Kingdom crest issue on the 5th. But are awaiting weekly reset to confirm that this is resolved.

In regards to previous threads about this similar issue, we are going to go back through to check any we have missed. We definitely don’t intend for anyone to feel like their reports were ignored. As we appreciate the time it takes and how those issues affect players.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

This happened twice since reset this week. And by twice I mean 3x, once 2x which is the screenshot above and then once 1x.

Deliberate coordination can make it happen every single crest key objective.

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