[FIXED IN NEXT UPDATE] Gems spawned at start of battle show incorrect color

Platform, device and operation system
Android Pixel 4

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I think this might have to do with the Rare quality Savior’s Helm. It says it creates 2 Big V gems at the start of a battle. Unfortunately it seems that it displays as a different color that it is. Perhaps it creates a Red and a Blue but shows both as Red until the “fake red” moves. You can see this with the red gem not matching and then turning blue after it drops down one.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It happens fairly often and makes beating stages rather trickier than they should be

Steps to make it happen again
Seems to happen at gem creation at start of battles.

I noticed it spawn good gems at turn 1 but at later turns 1 gem isn’t really spawned so u see it as v gem and it’s really still gem it was before

I had a glitch like this today, but for pets.

The wrong image was showing over one of my pets and I accidentally scrapped a pet I only had 1 copy of. Luckily it was common, but it seems the visuals overwrite each other at times.

We talk about that hemet and it’s rare skill

As a bad matching look at this screen where purple V gem matched skulls cause it was actually V skull but wrongly showed!

Btw when those gem fall down cause of gems below them collected they show their good color

I am also encountering this with Savior’s Helm. I’m still trying to work out when the big V gems can be matched or can’t. Sometimes it seems like the big V gems can’t be matched on the turn they are created, but can be matched later.

Further testing confirms @Cybaru’s video is happening for me too.

The Golden Helm ability creates two big V gems at the start of each new monster (so three times a regular battle). These gems sometimes appear as the correct colour and sometimes as a wrong colour. Given they’re mostly a wrong colour, it might be random chance that the appearance colour and the real colour are the same (1 in 6).

Regardless of how they look, they can be matched with their correct colour, which is weird when the game is happy to match a yellow V gem with two green regular gems!

When they fall at least one row, they change appearance to their real colour.

Golden Helm would be a great ability if it wasn’t for this inconvenience so I hope the devs can fix this soon. @Alpheon?

I was just working on this this week and I believe the fix is on the way in the next update. The behaviour is also slightly wrong (as it was in any ability that happened at the start of battle), in that it was applying between enemies instead of just at the beginning of the battle as it says in the ability description, so that’s also being fixed

Thanks @Alpheon - appreciate the update. I did wonder whether it was supposed to happen between enemies, so that answers that. It did seem a bit OP for a Rare ability happening three times a battle.