**Platform, device and operation
Galaxy S10plus

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
An X gem is made after clearing an X gem.

When two X gems get created in the same location via a drop a visual bug occurs where there is a giant X over the gem.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I have had it happen 3 times, but only been able to get a screenshot once

Steps to make it happen again
When two X gems get created in the same location via a drop where there is a giant X over the an X gem is on the board,

To explain further, an X gem is on the board, a match is made with the X gem and clears that gem location and right above it an X gem is created, the gem drops into the old X gem spot and I get giant gem X indicator.

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve passed it on, but would like to know if anyone else is encountering this issue?

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I have had multiple X gems next to each other before and personally never seen it become a big X. I wasn’t using Smite though.

Could be an issue more so with Smite currently creating a glitched decimal amount of yellow gems way above what is intended while also not being a whole number. It shows as whole number in game, but datamine on it shows every value as a decimal, making it the only spell in the game that isn’t a whole number. Asides from this decimal issue, it is also creating around 2x-4x more gems than any similar spell of its kind.

Some pets also have this decimal issue, but Smite is the only one that does it in a battle.

I have experienced this issue multiple times and I believe it’s related to the Skull generated from using Bone Sickle.
This bug appeared ONLY when I use Bone Sickle with Rare rarity (or higher).

When we use a Rare (or higher rarity) Bone Sickle, the weapon can create skull big gem +1.
I believe the bug is caused by the animation when a skull gem X is created.
During the animation, the roman numeral mark will pop up on the screen from large size at first and it will become smaller in less than 0.5 sec or so.
However when creating a skull gem X, sometimes this animation stuck when the roman numeral X is still in large size causing the large X mark as in the screenshot above.

TL;DR I believe it’s an issue related to the Bone Sickle Weapon Effect.

@Lelouch @Salty I believe Lelouch is right as it has only occurred using bone sickle now that I think about when it has occurred. It could also be an interaction between bone sickle and smite.

I thank you guys for helping to clarify the bug

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For this one I can confirm that’s not the case since I use my barbarian with red spells + bone sickle when this issue occurs. I don’t use/equip any smite when this bug occurs. :slight_smile:

That helps even more to confirm its a bone sickle interaction