[Reported] Visual glitch on gem locations

Win11, steam, happens once in a while when I drag gems halfway and decide to put them back. Some gems remain in weird places over multiple turns.

@Faye what device/pc are you playing on? And what is your resolution you are playing on?

I am playing on a laptop with 1920*1080 screen resolution. Also, I regularly switch between a full screen window and a 1/4-screen window (for auto-play, see screenshot below). I believe I switched window size from 1/4-screen to full screen not long before the problem happen, but not sure. I tried switching window sizes during fights just now but cannot reproduce the problem.

@Faye thanks for this little extra bit of information, I’ll keep an eye on this thread in case you experience it again or if anyone else does!
Hopefully we can find some more info if more people experience this as well, haven’t been able to make it happen myself. So, fingers crossed it doesn’t pop up again.

I have just generated this bug by changing my window size to some weird (probably unsupported) ratio and then back. Changing the resolution greatly causes the gems to shift from the original locations and can cause further weird effects. It is possible that I also accidentally changed the window resolution in the original post.

Ah, then yes! If you are changing them to a different size, not listed in the graphic options then it would be an unsupported ratio, which can cause graphical issues such as these.

We’ll mark this thread as tentatively solved for now then!

I had this problem happen today on an Android phone a few times

@AeonNhiyr if you can grab a screenshot if this happens again, or a video that would be excellent!

One of the team was just playing and has managed to reproduce this pretty consistently by moving a Gem around, as though picking which is the best spot and after a few wiggles the Gem either snaps in from another part of the board or locks between Gems!
Got a video and some more screenshots!

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This was actually a particularly weird situation which I’ll reference in another thread