[REPORTED] Split Skulls giving yellow 🟡 gems

On Android tablets.
My Berserker used Split Skulls but received yellow gems
Instead of getting red gems

This happens about one in ten times. Has been occurring since I first began playing two days ago, before this update and through this update.

*Consistent issue, about ten percent of the time, occurs in the wild and in dungeons.

Steps to make it happen again
I noticed it first when I equipped my Berserker with two axes
Please detail the steps taken to trigger this bug. The more detailed the breakdown, the easier it is for us to test in-house.

Thanks for reporting this, is anyone else getting the same issue?

Could we also get a list of the gear that you’re using? There might be a strange interaction.

After further play, I see my issue is the same as : Unmatched trio highlighted as if they will match

I was wrong, the spell doesn’t give any wrong gems. The actual issue is affected by scorpions giving me yellow gems from the defense Hiding in Sand.

The actual issue is that when using Split Skulls, the gems fall from above and sometimes make a match. The match then “freezes” with the said matched gems getting a pulsing background showing which gems will not move in the future. Then the skulls are created and can be created in the matched sets. When this happens the set is no longer matched, but remains “frozen” with the new skulls having a background denoting that they cannot be moved either.

Is this a bug or a very annoying mechanic that can make matches extremely difficult? You cannot move the unmatched gem out of the matched position in order to make a correct match, and are forced to make matches of the gems in their frozen state in order to clear them from the board.