Bone Gloves + Unnerving Strike causes some gems to lock up

Platform, device and operation system
Android 11, Samsung Galaxy S10+

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Equipped Bone Gloves, which gives 2 skulls after kill. Then used skill "Nightmare Vision to inflict Terror status on enemy. Then used skill "Unnerving Strike, which creates purple gems if enemy is suffering from Terror status. Enemy was defeated, which triggered both skull creation, and then purple gem creation (Which I believe is incorrect, as the spell still resolving should create the purple gems before the death trigger occurs.) The skulls that were created showed a match-3, and had the brackets around the skulls, but then immediately the purple gem creation replaced the bottom skull. This still showed the skull match, but now the bottom gem was purple. I attempted to move the purple gem to make a match, but I was unable to move the gem. I attempted to move a skull, but again, unable to move. I matched a gem at the bottom of the grid, which then caused the purple gem to drop (and then a red gem appeared where the purple gem used to be,) and I was then able to move the purple gem. However, the skulls did not drop, and remained at the top, unable to be moved. This continued until I used another skill to create skulls, which then allowed the previous skulls to have a proper match, so in this specific scenario it technically fixed itself, but if it were a desperate situation against an elite, this could be detrimental to the player.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
So far this only happened once for me, as the interactions between the skull creation location and the purple gem creation location seems random (at least to the player) when they both trigger.

Steps to make it happen again
This requires Bone gloves with the passive unlocked (skull creation upon death,) a source of Terror status effect (I used “Nightmare Vision”,) and the skill "Unnerving Strike (to create the purple gems. You must inflict Terror to allow Unnerving Strike to create the gems, and you just kill the enemy with Unnerving Strike. Then, it’s up to the game algorithm to spawn the skulls and purple gems, and see if they spawn in the same place.

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This bug is endemic. I have the exact same issue happen frequently. I also have had it happen against scorpions, who create yellow gems any time you use a spell. That also interacts poorly with unnerving strike.

Just happened again. Hopefully this is not a gigantic problem to fix.