[REPORTED] Unmatched trio highlighted as if they will match

Platform, device and operation system
Android, Samsung Galaxy Note S7+, Android 11

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I cast Gravedigger, and some gems were destroyed and skulls were created while new gems were falling. A trio started flashing as if they will be matched on my next turn, even though they do not match. I have a screenshot, but apparently I am not allowed to embed media in a post.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It has happened twice now, but it does take some (bad) luck.

Steps to make it happen again
Cast Gravedigger, and have one of the created skulls break up a match created by the gems that fell to replace the column(s) that were destroyed.

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I’ve seen this bug sometimes. It’s very annoying and disruptive since the flashing gems are locked and can’t be matched unless you bring some other gems into alignment with them.

Could I get a little more info on this? I’m a bit confused as to the full extend of the bug. A 1,2,3 kind of order and a screenshot would help greatly.

What browser are you using @UmberGryphon ? That can impact if you can add media to a post.

I think this happens when multiple types of gems are created at the same time (ie spell that creates skulls and the scorpion’s yellow gem passive). It seems like the creation of the gems is in steps (first skulls are created and then yellow gems are created). So, when the skulls create a match in step 1, they lock in place. Then when the yellow gems are created in step 2, they can still break the skull match by appearing within the “locked” skulls. When this happens, the gems (both skulls and yellow) are still locked and must be matched with other gems outside of the lock before they can be moved again. This allows 2 cells (or even a single cell) to stay locked until it is matched with other gems.

I don’t know if the skulls and yellow gems that are created can overwrite each other causing the issue or if they can only appear on different spots causing the issue.

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It sounds like I get something similar during some of the enemy gem generation, particularly for some reason the wasp which together with my generation multiple times left gems with a red border around them which didn’t move when I matched anything else around or underneath them except for when I matched them specifically which would still work. That was a weird bug, bu I could live with it.

I concur with what @Benito_De_Soto and @Elric are saying. My experience is that it occurs when fighting one of the enemies that does gem generation (i.e. Scorpion, Wasp, Plague guy).


This was the first issue I reported. At the time, it was while fighting a scorpion. If you can find that post, it has a screenshot. I have since seen it far too many times, including after the update. It happens with enemies that generate, and I think I’ve seen it happen when I have a spell and item that both generate gems.
It is really disruptive to the gameplay.

I just got this in battle against a wolf, who doesn’t do anything to the board. I used my red power, which destroys a column and then creates a few skulls. The problem is pervasive.

And this is after my next move. This is the part that is very disruptive:

Thank you for this break down! Really appreciate it. Looking into this issue now.