[UNCONFIRMED] Shadow Gem behave weirdly when destroyed

Platform, device and operation system
Nova 5i Pro, with Android 10. It’s not important though, cuz i think this is a program logical mistake.

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Shadow Gems states that it will create 1-3 dark gems upon matched, destroyed or exploded by yourself. If it worked properly, a high level shadow’s curse will corrupt the whole board with ease.
But, it behaves strangely:
-It WILL overwrite existing dark gems, including big gems and itself.
-It WILL overwrite each other, create multiple times at the same place.
-It WILL LOCK GEMS upon creating, and these gems won’t fall properly when skyfall happens.
-Skyfall WILL go through locked gems if there is an empty space below.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Each time i destroy shadow gems it will happen.

Steps to make it happen again
Same as above. Use a high level shadow’s curse and observe carefully when they take effect.

These two are intended.

But yes, nothing is more annoying than a Shadow Gem’s gem spawn overwriting the big gem it just created or one that is already one the board. That is definitely not intended.

I think the proper progress should be create, skyfall, lock, match. Lock beforehand caused weird skyfall pattern.
Since this is the ONLY way creating gems right after matching, i think it’s possible for them to overlook this.

I’ll ask if this is working as intended.