[FIXED IN .37] Assassin Ultimate skill overwrites Big X gems

Platform, device and operation system
Android 10, Samsung A20e

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Matching lots of purple gems creates a Big gem.
Assassin’s Ultimate spell, Shadow’s Curse, creates Shadow gems. When destroyed these create up to 3 purple gems. Combined this can result in cascading matches as the newly created gems create instant matches, or do so when more gems fall into place.

The issue occurs in the instance of the match that causes the Shadow gems to explode. Typically the match is enough to trigger a Big X gem to spawn, but a fraction of a second after the Big gem spawns the new purple gems created by the exploding Shadow Gems are added and these can overwrite the Big X gem replacing it with a basic purple gem.

I would not expect the Big X gem to be overwritten.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happening on 0.36 but likely an existing bug.
How often is relatively low because it relies on chance to happen. The chance increases the more charges you have of Shadow’s Curse, as it creates more Shadow gems to match and thereby create more purple gems. The exploding shadow gem has to create one of its new gems in the same spot the Big gem formed from the initial match. But when it does replace the gem the bug occurs 100%.

Steps to make it happen again
Assassin with all purple build - Channel Darkness, Nightmare Vision, Unnerving Strike, Night Blade and Shadow’s Curse (Ultimate).
Fill your purple mana and ideally also max charge Shadow’s Curse. Only a single charge of the Ultimate is needed, but for replication it gives a higher chance the more Shadow’s Curse gems you can explode at once.
Cast Channel Darkness (creates purple gems). Cast Nightmare Vision and then Unnerving Strike on the same enemy to create more purple gems. Cast Shadow’s Curse to create the Shadow gems.
Now try to make the biggest purple match, triggering as many of the Shadow’s Curse gems as possible. Getting a stun or not does not matter.
On completing the match watch the board closely - first a Big X gem is created from the initial match. The Shadow gems explode and create new purple gems which can create immediate matches. In this instance the newly created purple gems have a chance to overwrite the newly created Big X gem.

I noticed this because when exploding almost the entire board in purple, I was refilling all spells, but sometimes only seeing a +20 match at the bottom and no Big X gem still on the board after everything had settled. If a Big gem is matched I think it counts twice as much to the count at the bottom refilling spells, so would expect to see much higher figures there.

Hey @Avenger

Another player reported something similar with Big Gems being overridden by base gems.

Just awaiting to hear back from the Team!

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