[Fixed] Assassin gets all mana filled after first match in the battle

Platform: Steam

Details: I built a Lv. 14 Assassin with Night III and Guard II, and four purple spells. He also has the Lucky Ring from the St. Patrick’s Day event.

Expected Behavior: I would have about a 6% chance to get all of my mana filled on all of my spells if I matched four or more purple gems.

Actual Behavior: Every time I make the first match of the game, even in some cases when there is not a match of four or more purple gems, I get all of my mana filled on all of my spells. This also happens on matches made later in the game as well, after I’ve used some spells and they are out of mana.

When did it begin happening? The first match I played with my current build of Assassin.

This has been a thing for months :+1: