[FIXED IN NEXT UPDATE V.36] Mana accumulated on first turn match not reporting available to cast spells

Platform, device and operation system

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Several instances of mana non-accrual from gem matching have been reported recently. This is my specific experience.

In this case, it was a Restricted PVP match in which my only gem match move was a 4 gem green match in order gain enough mana to cast my equipped spells: all green spells, 3 @ 50 mana cost (Channel Poison, Acid Arrow, Insect Plague), 1 @ 60 mana cost (Poison Spirit).

As depicted here, my 4 gem match was sufficient to completely fill the mana requirements of all 4 spells, however only Poison Spirit shows as activated; the other 3 are showing only the starting mana which is from the Citadel Bonus; no other starting mana in effect.

Once I cast Poison Spirit, the remaining 3 spells reverted to their correct state: activated from the previously accrued mana sufficient to fill their mana reqs as well as Poison Spirit.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I was able to replicate this scenario in 4 straight pvp matches today, details identical to above. To the best of my knowledge this began with the 0.35 Update.

Steps to make it happen again
I have not seen this in any of my other setups but others detailed similar circumstances in the 0.35 Updated thread. If I can replicate additional scenarios, I will update this thread.


Our team is investigating this issue now. :slight_smile:


Thank you for investigating


I’ve noticed this as well but wasn’t sure if it’s because of my runic ring bugged or what but sometimes I’ll get a heroic effort or 5 plus matches and zero in my ultimate bar until next turn spell use.


That was the issue I realised first after the update. Anyway, I hope it gets resolved.

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This happens to me as well. I can replicate it every time I play. I have Hand of Evil (epic), Black Ice (rare), Ray of Frost (uncommon) and Frost Bolt (rare). I match more than enough to fill all meters. However, only HoE and BI will fill. The other two will not fill until I execute one of the spells that can be executed. It seems to be whatever color has the most mana fills and the other has to wait. Or the dominent color fills and only one of the other fills. Could be random. But either way, this happens every time. And with other combos of spells. And it happened immediately after the update. Never happened prior.

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This happen to me as well on one plus 6t.

Hope it gets resolved soon. Since is really difficult not being able to use skill till 3rd turn.

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Same on Note 7. All of my spells are locked behind my Burning Hands and Cleave. As soon as I use Burning Hands, the other spells immediately have access to all the mana they gained, and all of my spells accumulate mana normally the rest of the fight. But on turn 1, and until I actually use Burning Hands, only Burning Hands shows the mana I accumulated.

I have screenshots but this forum keeps erroring when I try to include them.

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Any news on this bug? The game is pretty much unplayable on anything but the easiest settings.

BTW, I’m on Galaxy Tab S7, Android 11

I am having the same issue on my Android phone with my Assassin.

All spells except Unnerving Strike show 1 mana and its actually making me lose the game, because we need to get rolling after the initial hit from the enemy.

I’ve had this issue happen to me, but found it resolved when I had another source of starting mana, such as a Bone Ring, equipped.

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Agreed. In my original topic scenario, my only starting mana available was from Citadel (no bone ring, no dragonhelm, no Greenpact (or whatever green is called)

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We are still looking into this, and this issue has been escalated to critical.


Thank you. One additional piece of info is if you can fill one of the spells and cast it, any spell that should have been full pops to full and can be cast.

I hope that makes sense

Short term fix: Send all players 5 bone rings, one of each mastery. Problem solved! (credit to my kingdom mate Pollux for this excellent idea) :laughing:


Sounds reasonable to me! Especially when it makes playing on the highest difficulty impossible

I would call this a workaround. Not a solution. We still need a fix… But would be HAPPY to receive a leveled up bone ring to help facilitate this workaround! :wink:

For further information, I’ve been able to replicate the bug reliably.

I just got some Bloodfang Boots with Impact +3 (Gain some Blue Mana at the start of a battle or dungeon).

When I match blue gems, the mana gain is delayed.

When I match green gems (my other spell color, no starting mana), it works normally.

So if I match Blue and Green gems, I can use my green spell, but not the blue ones. Blue is the only color I have starting mana for.

Are there plans to also fix the runic ring bug around the same time? It has been around since start of beta, posted by multiple different people, and causes a similar issue as this mana bug except on every single turn to special meter.

They are both caused by the same/similar bug.

Is there a bug report for runic ring Tacet? I’ve had a quick look through the search function and can’t find one. I’ve mentioned the Runic Ring issue to the team in the past, but don’t know if it needs a separate fix or if our general mana start fix will sort this issue out. If I’ve missed a specific bug report thread with further information please let me know and I’ll chase this up again.