[MORE REPORTS NEEDED] AI spell casting

Platform, device and operation system
PC via bluestacks

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I’m expecting AI enemy to cast when their mana is full
Sometimes the enemy just casts even though it doesn’t have full mana

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
So far, I have only noticed this happen with the frost giant in chapter 14 / Skullguard pass

Steps to make it happen again
I does not happen every time. I haven’t seen any pattern to it. Seems almost random

I’ve been stuck on this battle for quite awhile. So I have been replaying it for about an hour. When I first noticed the enemy casting without full mana, I assumed it was a visual glitch, because the next try it seemed fine. On another attempt I made my first match in a way that was impossible to cause the AI to fill up and he still cast. The following turn he did the same.

I do not think this is a widespread issue. I don’t remember any other battles where this has happened. It doesn’t even happen every time in this battle. If this is indeed a bug, it is going to be really hard to swat. But I have to report it, because that’s why we are here.

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Has anyone else been encountering this issue?

Hey Salty, just an update…

I’m about midway through chapter 15 now and have not seen this weirdness again, so far. Also, to be more specific than I was above, during that chapter 14 battle it was happening (for me anyway) no more than 30% of my tries. Likely less.

I was using an owl helm (the one that gives 15 mana of 2 colors when you match a big gem 3+) I’m not sure how the enemy mana gain deals with those bumps (or if they just ignore it.) I also have gear that has a chance to pop a big gem. I didn’t make the connection at the time, but the frequency of the issue lines up with the likelyhood that I had triggered the owl helm.

Depending on how the enemy mana gain works with the passives from the helm, it could still just be a visual glitch.

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I’ve been having this issue in PvP. A couple of assassin characters have cast massive damage spells when their bars are only around 75% full. I haven’t noticed it in PvE as yet.

I’m not using an Owl Helm.

I am also having this issue. I have not noticed any patterns as it happens in story mode and PvP. Enemy type doesn’t seem to matter.