Dark enemies using skill when not full mana

I play assassin, full dark magic.
I notice 2 monsters - both are dark enemies - that always fire their skill while it is around 80+%. These monsters are Ettin and Dark Elf.
I noticed the issue after the 1.2 update.

Can we get this fixed?

Ettin gain 10 mana from EVERY DARK HIT, so it’s highly possible for them to cast if you have multiple dark spells charged and attack. (Each dark spell deal damage separately)

Dark elf gain bonus mana from every dark gems at the beginning of THEIR turn, which may lead to sudden cast.

Tl;dr : this is WAI, not a bug.
Giants are supposed to be VERY DANGEROUS if you run monocolor build and facing a giant with same color.

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What you are saying is true but only proves we have a bug here. And the bug is that mana is not being added for a monster before it fires the skill. You may call it “graphics glitch” but it is still a bug. The monster should not start its skill when the skill bar is not ful, and yet those two monsters do this.
With Ettin is even more stupid as it should get the “extra” mana on my turn, and while I see it when I fire a dark skill (it get +10 for each skill) I do not see it on damage from removing dark gems from the board. My undestanding was that this kind of damage does not trigger Ettin power, but maybe this is just bugged and not showing.

Oh I know what you mean.
Ettin get mana right after your attack or dark damage spell. It will be processed after the damage motion of ettin ends. It can be easily read by casting a dark spell.
Mana damage calculated along with your skull attack and mana fill is triggered at the end of your turn, then its enemy turn. Mana bar filled and enemy casts, without any delay, so it looks like they cast without a full gauge.

I guess it won’t lead to such misunderstanding if damage and mana gain being processed at the same timepoint.