[Reported] Several Event Bugs

Found two bugs recently in the current 3 day event Dungeon “Dungeon of Ice”

Both dealing with Spell Rush (Ice)

Spell Rush (Ice) - All ice spells start the battle at full mana. (cannot be dispelled)

Bug number 1 - The enemy gets the full mana, but the player doesn’t.

Bug number 2 - By exiting the game, the enemy’s mana goes from full to zero, they lose all the benefits of Spell Rush (Ice).

  • I tried to replicate this in a normal dungeon to see if it was a possible in general mana drain hack, but don’t worry, you can’t, it doesn’t work in dungeon. Its strictly tied to the event Spell Rush (Ice) advantage. (And possibly more future event advantages as well?)

    Here you can see the Dragon has received full mana from the Spell Rush (Ice) modifier, I have received no mana advantage from it.

    I exit my game and restart to re-enter the battle and now the dragon has had his mana drained, completely losing all his advantage gained from the Spell Rush (ice) modifier.

The dragon lost all mana on turn two for me after I stunned it.

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I noticed this on the second day. The dragon has full mana, but doesn’t use any spells. Once the dragon makes a blue match, the spells go down to what I would guess it would be if started from zero. It is like the display is of full mana, but the logic is that mana is zero.

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