[REPORTED] Incorrect Display of Ultimate Mana when Freeze is Active

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What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I realized that several recent posts have already pointed out an issue with Ultimate Spell mana, but I still wanted to post this in case it is different. In the recent 3 day event that applies Freeze when matching Blue, I’ve noticed that the Ultimate mana does not seem to be calculating correctly.

After matches, it appears full.

But, after casting a spell, it goes down (probably to where it is supposed to be)

Then, I do another round of matching and it appears full again.

But, after the first spell cast, it goes down again and is still just short of being full.

I got burned by this many times, thinking that I had all 3 levels of the ultimate ready and casting to find out that only 2 fired. I’m guessing this is specific to the Freeze interaction and that the initial display is showing full mana generation, while the “corrected” mana amount is showing what actually got applied based on the Freeze mechanics

Something else worth noting, is that the numbers at the top that are supposed to indicate where the mana generation is at “35/40” is not displaying. This is not the only situation where the mana generation numbers disappear. There are some broader issues with that. It would be nice if those always remained to indicate the exact amount of mana that has been banked.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Noticed it with this current event. Happens 100% of the time with my Shaman

Steps to make it happen again
See description above

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I’ve noticed this as well but figured it was just bad visual design, didn’t even occur to me it might be a bug, but makes sense.

It’s happened often enough that I now check the menu to make sure my Ultimate is showing 150 mana before I use it…


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Maur, what class are you playing? Is this just an issue with the Shaman or are other classes seeing the same issue with Freeze?

Hey all!

I shared this report with the team and they believe it may be inline with the current reported issues with Ult mana spells.

So I have updated our previous report to also include this example though!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Sorry for late reply. I am using Necro.

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