[Reported] UI Bug: Spell/Gear Upgrade does not track updates to Gold

Platform, device version and operating system
Android 13

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Upgrade a Spell/Gear shows all allowed levels according to required resources including gold.

Observed behavior: Receiving gold without closing the Upgrade screen (by opening mail rewards) does not update the resources. Even with additional gold, the gold requirement seems to be unmet.

Expected behavior: By collecting mail rewards and navigating back, the gold requirement should be re-evaluated and more levels marked as an option to upgrade to.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again

  • Lower your gold to a point where it restricts the upgrade options (limiting factor is gold, not relics/shards)
  • Open upgrade screen for a Spell/Gear
  • Make sure that for the {maximum upgrade level + 1} you only require more gold
  • Tap the mail button to open your mail rewards
  • Collect mail rewards with gold, e.g., from Kingdom Defenses, Kingdom Tier Rewards, etc.
  • Tap back to return to the Upgrade screen

You see the exact same maximum upgrade level, which is capped by missing gold. At this point, you have more gold in your account and should be able to upgrade further.

  • Select back to return to the Spell screen and tap Upgrade once more
  • You can now upgrade correctly to a level beyond the previous cap

Update: added Screenshots
Screenshot of Gear Upgrade: with 2678 Gold, it is possible to upgrade to L32 but not L33 (requires 2832 Gold):

Screenshot of Gear Upgrade after collecting a reward mail and returning to the upgrade screen: with 4428 Gold, it is impossible to upgrade to L33, which still requires 2832 Gold.

looks like it is related to this issue:

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Hey @Thalinae,

If you exited the Gear screen and return, do you recall if it still had not updated?

Also, had you opened your mail from within the Gear screen, or exited the Gear screen completely?

@Jeto, I recall that I opened the mail from within the Gear screen and did not exit the Gear screen. I will try the different options tomorrow (already quite late here) and will provide feedback.

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Sorry, I need to wait for tomorrow - I was almost capped on Gold and could not lower it as far as required

*cough * somehow, my legendary relics recently seem to be the restricting resource *cough * :wink:

No stress if you cannot confirm again, I have previously shared this with the team anyways.

At this stage it seems like when you go to upgrade your Gear then open your Mail and claim rewards, the costs to upgrade have already been calculated so they don’t refresh with your new totals till you exit the Gear screen and return.
Like, your mail is a pop up window over your main screen.

If you collect any mail again while in a upgrade screen again and exit and return, and still find the costs have not updated please let me know.

I think you are correct, but I will verify it tomorrow (in approx. 9h) and let you know :slight_smile:

You are right - the mail works like an overlay and the underlying screen does not get updated. Closing the upgrade window and reopening it will refresh the calculation used to display the maximum, enable the upgrade button and color the resources in red.

I did not try, but it will probably also happen when upgrading followers (as I don’t have any crystals left) and having limited gold when you start.

But I also verified that the same is true for the shop:

So an intuitive fix would be to refresh the values of the current screen when you return from the mail window or flag-dependent if you have any overlay change the resources. That way, this recalculation is done rarely and does not impact the performance of each screen change. Also, it maintains the usability of keeping the windows open instead of forcing the user to close and reopen it or forcing the user back to the main menu.