Caution: "Upgrade Now" May Auto-Select Very Rare Resources for Consumption

Accidentally stumbled over this change today. I think this is “working as designed”, but has potentially dangerous/problematic consequences for players.

In 0.39, there is been greater emphasis placed on letting players known when gear upgrades can occur.


I’m totally on board with this callout to the player.

Drilling deeper on this to the next screen, the player can see what is upgradable. Screen is small and busy, but works well enough.


So, I drilled down onto the pants for for upgrading.

– The pair of pants not only was upgradable to Epic rarity, but it also was eligible for upgrading to Legendary.

– In 0.39, when upgrades are available, the game auto selects the resources needed to max out the upgrade as much as possible.

So, when tapping on the pants, I was immediately presented with this screen:

Without catching it, I could have consumed the legendary relics and armor glyphs without realizing that a single tap would have consumed all of those resources that were auto-selected. That would not have been a good time.

As mentioned before, very probably not a bug. This may even be intentionally designed to function this way. Still, this is a player disaster (and many potential support tickets) waiting to happen. Confirmation boxes warranted when very rare resources are may be auto-consumed by players.