No more money for this game until we are compensated!

This is crap for players who have played a long time and had a load of legendary equipment! LV 8 VIP. It was so hard to get the 5 mythics I have (All armour but a low mythic bow). I feel SO ripped off. Why bother to spend money if you make it useless? Spent months getting my gear to legendary. I would respectfully appreciate my money back or Glyphs to make up for the huge loss. My rare are only worth ONE aether? My epic? My legendary AFTER ALL THAT WORK? You have insulted true RPG gamers. Please make it right!! TY
Sincerely, VIP 8 feeling like a VIP 1


The changes are utterly discouraging for all but maxed out players. The “value” of gear - that we spent time, effort, thought and money on - has been drastically reduced.

Making gear advancement up through levels to be only by random drop hasn’t just substantially reduced existing gear’s value, it has changed the fundamental mechanic of the whole game … making advancement a much more negative gameplay experience for all but the already-mythic-kitted players.

The ABSURD cost of the 3 battle scrolls, especially as it is per hero, has made barriers to progress there nearly insurmountable - especially since the benefit for each glyph is now so low.

The changes come across - don’t know if it’s true or not, but sure seems that way - as if the devs either have no sense of players’ experience, no respect for their efforts and time devoted to the game, or both.


If this was all just a blatant cash grab, turning the game into expensive pay-to-win, as seems likely, then it will backfire bigtime.

You can’t grab cash easily when the changes you make cause even some of your most devoted customers to leave in disgust. Cant draw in more customers with high up-front pay-to-win costs. And the game looses much of its appeal when an active and attractive community withers.

Trying to squeeze more $ out of the steadily shrinking pool of those who remain will simply hasten the exodus.


So, yes, these changes are crap for all but end-gamers. And even some of them are pissed (e.g. converting the very expensive level 50 mythic gear to the same items as the cheaper level 45 produced? That was needlessly alienating.)

Yes, you have been ripped off.


And given the continued radio silence from devs on these issues, I’m beginning to think - unfortunate as that is - that they have no intention of fixing it. Or even considering doing so.

It all shows very bad judgement both psychologically and financially imho – but hey, what do I know. I’m just a typical customer.



Just quit the game, so many have including myself, no more “wasting” my money on this rubbish, they really messed up, i hate the update, why fix what isnt broken? It was working well, i worked hard for my stuff, spent my money getting to where i was and they go ruin it all. Quitting was the best decision, they will feel it with all the players quitting their game.


Wasted money and time… :frowning:

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No one is forcing you to play this game. I could go into a million reasons but I’ll just save my breathe proving my point.
Just like anything in life, just do what suits you.


And they said more changes are coming with the next few seasons so I’m hoping that they fix some of the issues that you all are having.
I paid into too but no one forced me too.
I did it by choice.
So yeah.
The negativity is not helping anything.
Gotta look at the good things once in a while.


Negativity of “I hate this it’s worthless now” isn’t helpful, I agree.

Understandable, but not helpful.


“Hey, there are some good elements to the changes, but this particular one is really bad and ruining the game for many people. Here’s why it’s bad, here’s how it affects us, and here are suggestions for a fairly easy fix that preserves the good elements” … I believe that’s a very different reaction, and helpful to the community.

That’s what I’m trying for.

And I’m not even asking to get paid for development consulting!


Why not just quit immediately?

Well, for me, because I invested 10 months of play in the game and would like to salvage that investment and keep playing something I enjoyed. I’m hoping it will be fixed soon.

Why not just be silent about the bad changes? Partly because I think a lot of people feel like I do, and it’s worth giving voice and explanation to that reaction. It’s clearly not just me.

Even more importantly, because I think the bad changes – which would be easy to fix – will have a sufficiently detrimental effect on the community and on the recruitment of new long-term players that it puts the future financial viability of the game at risk.

If the game folds, then everyone - even those who aren’t bothered that we can no longer improve gear up to mythic - will suffer. Not just my fellow frustrated mid-game players.

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I also paid, but if I had known that I would be using legendary equipment, which I had arranged in all colors and depended on each other, I wouldn’t have played at all… Santandrix you don’t seem to understand this…

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And now we can farm dungeons for mythic gear sets.
It’s nice to pull these instead of using relics and glyphs.
I have a feeling down the line somehow we’ll be able to upgrade our gear from one rarity to the next.
For now we have to adjust to this system.


For many non-end-game players, this is not an attractive solution.

  1. They cannot farm dungeons for mythic gear sets. Their gear is not yet of high enough caliber to easily get high-end chests. The time-for-return on that is prohibitive.

  2. The game gave an “implicit promise” that they could invest in lower level gear and work it up to high level. That was the central mechanic for progress. That’s what these players invested in – e.g. riven65 with his hard-won and intelligently developed wardrobe of legendary gear. Now, with very little warning, that ability to develop gear has been taken away, to be replaced by this new “slot machine” mechanic … and all the gear they worked so hard for is effectively worthless. (Albeit not completely, even though it feels that way.) They’re back to square 1, and now utterly dependent on random drops for improvement. This is really discouraging

  3. There was no necessity for this change. The stated goals of 3.0 don’t require it. So it feels arbitrary and capricious. Adds insult to injury.

  4. The fact that the devs did so anyway – whether because they’re oblivious to the mid-game players’ experience or because they simply don’t think it important to “preserve the value” of what players have invested time/effort/money in – is a very bad sign for future development. It undermines the trust players had in the devs, and makes them (very sensibly) far more wary of investing additional time and resources in a business that treats its customers that way.


It’s easy to say “adjust to this (new) system” if you’re an end-gamer who’s already got mythic-level gear, who already has most or all battle scrolls at 50 after the conversion, and who can easily farm a lot of high-end chests to get those nice legendary/mythic drops to expand an existing high-end wardrobe.

For the rest of us, though, it may well not be worth investing any further in what has become (in some fundamental ways) a very different game.

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Have you heard of coop dungeon runs?
Also i’m hoping for archives to be in coop so lower end players can grab this gear with the help of end gamers such as myself.
With my help and my friends we have helped newer players get this gear by this method. Once they hit 50 which is very easy to do.
So if you’re not in a great kingdom i suggest you finding a better one.

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We all have to work together and help each other become stronger after this update.

I have pulled a Mythic from a level 51 skirmish diamond chest.

While I am sure rates are better at higher level chests, mythics will randomly appear in lower level chests. Heck, I only opened that chest because I needed to give a minion a job overnight.


Nice to know that the epic-level players aren’t completely shut out, even if such drops are very, very rare.

Still doesn’t touch the underlying frustration of being unable to advance gear except through luck.

Nor does it make the experience when those very rare drops don’t happen (i.e. nearly always) any less discouraging, especially for struggling pre-mythic players.

I simply don’t understand why they took away the ability to improve gear quality up to mythic.

Use aether to convert a fully honed uncommon/rare/epic/leg to next tier. Would fit right in with the new system.

And that would give you the best of both worlds in terms of customer enjoyment and engagement … and thus, financial outlay.


Players have a right to voice their concerns and frustrations, if you’re happy fine, then be quiet, and as far as looking at the good, well its pretty darn hard when theres so much bad right?..


I thought you quit? Why lurk on the forums?

I’m currently doing a “slow breakup” with this game. I’ve purchased every season pass that’s come out, but I won’t even touch this season’s content unless the devs refund my glyphs that were torched. In a couple weeks, if the devs still haven’t responded to my post, then I’ll probably take a total break. If in a month they still haven’t responded to my petition, then I dunno… Maybe I’ll just have to salvage all my Mythic 50 gear to permanently sever ties with this game. It’s really really sad, because I’ve developed ties with this community, I use to play the original PQ games, the story is fun, and the gameplay mechanics have steadily improved. But I refuse to play a game where the developers think it’s okay to completely delete the value of resources that cost me money and/or extended game time. That is a total betrayal of the trust a gamer puts in a game’s mechanics.

Edit: Corrected typos


I did, im “lurking” in the hopes that the devs sort their mess out but we all know thats wishful thinking.

In the meantime in enjoying some “booze, the nice weather and other games” LOL! Hope you dont have any issues with that? Lmfao

Why are you trolling players who have valid frustrations and concerns? Leave them be, whats it to you, i know you think you own 505 but you dont.


As with any “gatcha” style game (which make no mistake this one is to some degree), when spending money or time you cant count on that being useful into the forever future. its good for a while, and probably still useful for a good while. However there will be some other shinier Waifu/Husbando that will be coming around that will make your current top tier items less desirable. The difference on this game is there is still some really great and useful gear/spells from earlier seasons that are not already phased out within the progression of the new story.

I get being salty about some hyper focused builds, but there is a lot more flexibility in this new system than people give it credit for.


I think you miss his point.

It’s not that there’s now better gear to get. … That’s – imho – a good thing. New challenges for stagnating end-gamers. Providing that is a positive aspect of 3.0.

No, it’s the loss of ‘absolute’ value of what he invested in, not the ‘relative’ value.

Getting gear up from 45 to 50 under the old system was a huge investment of time and resources. But better gear was the promise/guarantee made for that investment.

After conversion, the “absolute” value of that investment was nullified. Someone with a level-45-mythic received the same “compensation” as someone with a level-50-mythic.

Aeon is rightly frustrated by this decision … as it took away the value of his efforts and showed a remarkable disrespect for the game’s implicit guarantees and the players’ investment.

Not because there’s better stuff to get now, but because what he had was made worse. His expensive level-50-mythics reduced to the level of the cheaper level-45-mythics.


This is past my “pay grade” – I have never had any mythic gear.

But it’s yet one more baffling and needlessly alienating choice by the devs as far as I can see.

So many tiers of mythic now – no reason not to have converted the level 50 ones to gear with higher base stats than the level 45 ones - thus preserving value and showing respect to customers. There still would have been better stuff to strive for.

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