Game does not reward playing the game

I really enjoy the new gameplay and art style in this iteration of PQ. However, it seems that playing more than 10 minutes a day is counterproductive, since you have to wait 12 or 24 hours every time you get 2 chests.

Salvaging 95% of gear, spells and minions that I might want to keep for upgrades also feels bad as a player.

Even with the capacity upgrades available in the game, these limits seem extreme. I would gladly pay each month to have 10 to 20 times the space for gear, spells, minions, materials and chests.

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Agreed, and having to grind for the small chance of acquiring the crystals needed to upgrade the corresponding follower is the exact opposite of fun. It’s boring and tedious…

Why so many arbitrary restrictions with no alternative to remedy? It’s a practice of creating unnecessary problems and not providing any solutions…

I’m perplexed, its been almost a perpetual meme at this point in modern gaming that EVERYONE HATES INVENTORY MANAGEMENT BULLSHIT, yet here we are with this ridiculously outdated and bygone mechanism


The shard economy and purposefully creating a scarcity of the lower tier shards is my biggest gripe about the game.

There needs to be a more reliable method of farming or obtaining the lower shards. Randomly allowing player to purchase low quantities in the shop is a disheartening endeavour.

Beating a dungeon and then getting trash rewards because your tier level is too high does not feel good as a player.

Progression should be slowed by the difficulty of the game, not the size of their wallet.