Follower problems AND too difficult

Maybe I’m just stupid, but I can no longer upgrade my followers. Why? Cuz I can’t get their crystals anymore. They used to be rewards for finishing their quests, but now I get only gems.
Add this to the ridiculous jump in difficulty for everything else, and I am no longer having fun. I can no longer play in any events because the difficulty is almost twice my gears for. Everything that is supposed to be easy is actually a good 200 more than my gear score. Easy means it is supposed to be, y’know, easy. Those are more like hard. And if I can’t upgrade my followers, it makes it a lot harder to proceed through the game as well. And don’t tell me that my gear score should be higher because of my level, because I can’t upgrade any of my gear because I don’t get any drops that I need. Why don’t I get any drops that I need? Because everything is too hard and I can’t beat anything anymore. I can’t even proceed through the story anymore.
Why did you have to screw up a good thing? Can’t we just buy a full game instead of this MMO/freemium nonsense?

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