Feeling a little worn down

So firstly, really excited about the changes and, I think the team is heading in the right direction.

But… I still feel like the game doesn’t want me to progress. Like it’s actively fighting me.

Okay yes, shards are easier to get however before they were impossible so it’s still a horrible slog.

Reclics… Well I have none so I feel no incentive to keep grey and green gear to level them up and rather just cross my fingers I get a blue of the colour I need. I would like to at least upgrade from green to blue and have another option at trying for the perfect colour for my set.

Spell changes I feel are good but heck if I don’t feel disheartened that I can no longer run something I took forever to level.

So yes, now I’m focusing on making my gear skills and spells be in sync but at this rate it might take 6 months to get there whilst playing several hours a day.

At this point i’d rather have a stamina system than the game laugh at me for playing 4 hours in a day and make no little progress.

All in all I do love the game but gosh… I’m tired.

EDIT: I forgot to add that I think the follower charges were positive, it feels like I can actually level them and see the benefit now, thanks!


Followers change was good but good lord please add the gems back

Truthfully the game isn’t starting to feel fun anymore play all day just to raise my gear score a measly 10 points, without the ability to seek out and select my gear and level it as I see fit I’m limited to just taking whatever blue I can get it sucks.

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