Hated the spell changes, hate the heat change

(friggin autocorrect)

I’m just disgusted and disappointed.

The changing of how spells level–instead of just one thing, now we have to level spells that depend on getting the right pages AND level a dumb spell book at the same time? I feel like I’m drowning in spell shards as they’re pretty useless.

Same with coins. Used to be getting to 30k to get the once-a-week glyph was work and determination.

Now my armor/weapon/accessory shard amounts are creeping up in quantity for the same reasons, whereas my runes and scrolls of rare level are all pretty much zero.

Not being able to evolve gear makes getting anything rare or below likewise useless, whereas before I would get a little excitement at getting an uncommon and hoping to RNGeesus the evolution to rare would give me the element I wanted. And if it didn’t, oh well, I could always try again. If I did, I would hold onto that thing and curse my lack of NPC shards to level Northelm to where I can craft inventory slots.


Now I don’t really care, and grinding for gear is extremely tedious as everything below epic I just salvage.

I’m not fond of the “improvements” to the map as I can’t zoom out to more easily plan/see my progress, both in quests and adventures.

All of this is really killing my desire to play, because I just can’t make myself care.

And when was the last time we could choose our character’s dialogue? It only happened in the main story. The subsequent seasons… Again, see my previous comment about not really caring.

Thanks for reading.


I’m the same way.

What made me care about playing and advancing was that I had experimented, worked out the gear I wanted, played hard to get that gear and in the colors I wanted, and now could start to work to improve it.

Sure, it was slow, but it was a path I could control, could see regular (even if small) progress I was making on it, and gave me excitement and hope that I could, eventually, advance to join the more experienced players in higher-level play.

That was, in my experience, the heart and soul of the game once I moved out of the “new player” stage (where I was still learning my way around the game and coming to enjoy it.)


But now, when it’s just a thankless slog of hoping (and constantly failing) to get good random drops from chests I have to work hard (well, harder than the end-gamers) to get? … When all the gear I’ve worked to acquire now feels transitory and worthless because I can no longer advance it?

Yeah … why should I care any more?

And my impression is that nearly all of the between-newbie-and-mythic-level players are feeling this way as they realize the impact of the 3.0 changes.

It’s just not fun being a powerless slave to the heartless RNG gods.



Admittedly the animations of the flocks of birds are nice, but the new oversized map for Adventures is a step backwards without zoom functionality.


The map lets you zoom out. Its very pretty and adds immersion, but was probably more practical before IMO.


I completely agree

I also agree

Even if you can do this, it is clearly uncomfortable and impractical. For adventures, I would prefer to have a default max zoom out with bigger icons, it would be much better.


That and IMO, there is too much dead space between nodes which really sticks out like a sore thumb on very long Adventures, even on maximum zoom out (had there been a sufficient zoom out option that duplicated the scaling of pre-3.0 Adventure maps, that would have made the change acceptable).

Also, reading the Adventure pathing lines against the snowy areas of northwest Etheria is rather difficult, further adding to the frustration.


The dead space is even worse on a large TV. Scrolling many seconds to get between nodes is slightly annoying. Even zooming in :slight_smile: