Last updates sucks

The last updates that were installed ended the game. It made it even more difficult for the character to grow, in terms of upgrading equipment. Aside from the fact that it was already impossible to drop a Glyph from chests, there is now a lot of gear to evolve, until you get to the equipment. The game was good, now it sucks.
I was happy to have found a Puzzle battle game the way I wanted. But now I’m thinking about abandoning the game, due to the developers’ lack of consideration for free players.


If you do take a break, check back in the middle to end of May and see if they fixed the parts of the game that so many are very angry about.

I totally get it if you decide to just walk away. I am basically just trying to farm spell pages right now and in a holding pattern. Sure I’ve had some mythics drop, but nothing that lets me focus on a build.


A lot of people feel this way. You’ll find a number of threads about it here in the forums.

I agree with you – removing the ability to improve gear rarity was a terrible idea, especially for mid-gamers.

It takes away the challenge and interest of upgrading intelligently chosen equipment and reduces the game to a largely unrewarding slog, where you simply grind away hoping against hope that you’ll be lucky enough to see a good item drop and even more lucky to have it be something of use to you.


And, now that it’s basically impossible to level alternate heroes up, because of how slow and expensive the spell and battle scrolls are, there are even fewer gear sets that you’ll be interested in now, because you basically give up on those other heroes to focus on one main one.

Making the odds of a dropped item - even if good - being of interest even lower.


There are some people who like this new “slot machine” all-luck version of PQ3. I think they’re mainly new players, who haven’t hit this ‘wall’ yet (i.e. unable to upgrade useful gear sets), and long-term end-game players who already have their scrolls at 50 and a bunch of mythic gear sets already in hand.

But the rest of us – like you and me and I expect the silent majority of the customer base - hate the recent changes to spell and gear advancement. Check out the recent reviews on Steam, for example!


Jeto has said that some relevant changes may be coming in future updates (3.1, 3.15, 3.2). … She didn’t give any promises or specifics, and said we won’t get specifics until sometime around the middle of next month, once the changes are finalized.

Hopefully the devs have realized what a bad decision it was to take away the ability to upgrade gear rarity, and will be returning that in some fashion.

But, even if they do so, we don’t yet know if it’ll be done in a useful and substantive way (e.g. a way that you, as a F2P player, would be able to use at a reasonable rate [naturally, it’d be faster with microtransactions, which is fair]) … or if it’ll just be an absurdly expensive end-game “frill” that won’t be open to the newbies or keep the mid-game players engaged.

So we’re waiting to hear (a) if they’ll do anything about it and (b) if so, what.


The game does have good elements. And it has – or, rather, had, before 3.0 – interest and depth in the ability to try out and improve different gear sets to face different challenges.

I suggest you do what I’m doing (and I expect a bunch of other customers are as well) … don’t pay any (more) money, don’t spend a lot of time on the game, keep a “toe in” by doing autoplay and loot tickets … and wait to hear what those plans are.

Give them one last chance to fix things.

If they don’t – if it’s going to remain something that’s basically frustration and spinning your wheels and no longer fun – then, absolutely, no point in spending more time / energy / money on a product that’s no longer enjoyable.

Kinda a shame, but there it is.