Everything is too limited

(This feedback may seem thorny but I do mean it sincerely, I love the puzzle quest series)

This game borderlines (or plain crosses over that line) on being blatantly scummy and greedy. Everything feels like an intentional problem that you can sell a fix for. Can’t open chests? Buy more gems. Can’t beat the next stage? Buy vip so you can actually get a decent shard income and be able to get your stuff to 10 and beyond.

It feels like the developers didn’t play their game for 5 hours as the start is so rough its baffling.

Why is there a cap on just about everything? You need dupes but can barely keep anything. (not like you’d get the evolve mats anyway)

The food and ore caps make no sense. They are already limited by your keys/irl wallet and hourly production from followers. It’s pure insanity how until chapter 5 you literally can’t obtain food since you have nothing to spend it on. (Buying it with honor does not excuse the caps)

Chapter 5 which is difficult to over come since you barely get shards. There’s no way to farm shards. Why? I’m level 21 and my gear is between 6-12. My spells are between 4 and 10.

I’d honestly rather have a stamina system and get more rewards than be able to grind forever and get absolute garbage. And you can’t grind forever anyway since If you have no open chest slots you’re gambling on getting your gut punched when you find a ruby or diamond you have to salvage. And since literally everything besides gold and exp comes from chests if you can’t open them you’re not progressing.

This game is more generic p2w match 3 game #385828 than it is puzzle quest, and that is a huge shame.