Just an Honest bit of Feedback

Just thought someone there might appreciate some honest feedback from a gamer who remembers the first puzzle quest as being a light enjoyable surprisingly rich little puzzle game.

Priors: I’m a 38 year old “fan” of the original. At least i played it and like it. It was worth 10 dollars to play through it. Combining abilities together to affect the board state and create massive combos really went a long way to fixing the brain-dead standard in the world of puzzle switch games. The player agency in the campaign made an otherwise bleak genre piece for moms into a half-way real video game. It was difficult enough to make you feel like you had to get better.

I enjoyed puzzle quest 2 and was a bit annoyed at all of the metagame stuff that was added. it was all annoying and added nothing at all to the experience.

So Puzzle Quest 3:

  1. Dig the animations.
  2. I don’t totally hate the timer idea. its fresh, adds urgency, it worries me that its too easy ( see cons)
  3. . . thats it


  1. “click here” tutorials are always bad. it drags on way too long. offer a skip option at least. This intro, led by this character wizard girl i don’t know or care about is the stuff of video game nightmares.
  2. waaaay to easy for first chapter. waaaay too long in the baby stage. how stupid are people? are people really both able to survive and dumb enough to need it this easy? no way.
  3. the dialogue needs sets and setup. i cant watch characters i havnt been introduced to typing to each other over a black background. i skipped 100% of the story. i therefore have no feedback to offer about the writing.
  4. The metagame is half the gameplay time. this is the complete wrong direction imo.
  5. There are more than 5 currencies. Its the old bad cell phone game trap. It feels like you’re whale fishing for uneducated rich people rather than designing good content.
  6. All the “game systems” ( like “allies”) revolve around this unethical dillema. so i don’t want to waste time thinking bout them.

I know it cant be saved now but please in the future make a game that will allow me to pay $9.99 up front for a good clean new puzzle quest.

I honestly find this version (puzzle quest 3) to be unpayable.

Thanks for the try though, the game concept does deserve attention.

I agree with cons 4-6. I didn’t find the tutorial that obnoxious say like the GoW tutorial. But I think there should always be an option to skip it.

I don’t personally love the animations. Don’t hate them. Just don’t care. It’s interesting that you skipped the story. That’s pretty much my favorite part of the game so far.

My least favorite thing is all of the stopping to micromanage gear and spells and minions and followers. That’s just plain tedious.