PuzzleQuest game franchise and current developments

I LOVED the first PuzzleQuest-it had an amazing battle vs. Bots using puzzles as battleground turn based it had just enough spells and leveling and storyline but disnt overload the user with it. I had high hopes for PuzzleQuest 3 but the overpowering side crap makes me want to delete the game! I haven’t yet because I am still hopeful but it is not puzzle based and there is too much exterior secondary bull at the beginning of the game to enjoy it. You just want to get to puzzle battles but they force all this storyline side mission leveling not enough room to store your winnings crap waaaaaayyy too early on and it completely ruins the game…I should be able to use not salvage all my winnings…make more storage! I also should be able to explore leveling minions characters mana and spells at my leisure not have animated scenes forced on me at the beginning so that I skip it and then have no flipping clue how to do anything in the game…games should be uplifting fun and relaxing not frustrating and angering…I would really like a response back from the devs…


I also liked it a lot (mission puzzle)
me very cool.

This is basically what I came here to say too. Loved the first two games, excited to find out about this one, not even level ten yet and I’m bored to tears. I don’t mind paying for premium stuff in mobile games sometimes, but you haven’t even given me any reason to do that. It’s just the same bland fight over and over for a small chance of maybe getting a tiny fragment of an armor piece that will let me move closer to … reading six more lines of dialogue and then doing the same bland fight again.

It’s frustrating because some of the other changes are cool. The writing has improved a lot, and the one sided board and faster play are pretty satisfying. (That said: I want a difficulty setting that changes the timer speed rather than just tweaking monster numbers. So it actually changes the human difficulty of the level and not just the abstract chance of success, you know?)

The biggest thing I miss from earlier games is doing different kinds of puzzles to accomplish different things (like lockpicking, crafting, or looting).

Smaller nitpicks: blotting out the whole screen and forcing me to click in one place is the worst kind of tutorial. By taking away all the visual context and not letting me make any decisions you are actively preventing me from learning. Just nudge/highlight and let me explore.

(Also, funneling feedback into a forum kinda sucks. I don’t want to have A Dialogue With Other Players I just want to tell you why I bounced off your game that I would’ve loved to invest in, and then move on with my life.)