Freemium is an understatement

I’ve been waiting to see if they’d make a Puzzle Quest 3 for years. I loved the first 2. Though there is a lot to love about this 3rd entry, being the first in the series to actually show your character and his/her battles in full 3D, the game seems to be a huge money grab. I mean, you can get multiple pets, but it seems only 1 pet at a time can be used to open chests. Chests take like 6-24 hours to open depending on the grade and on top of that, your pet has to rest for like 6 or 7. You get 3 free chest slots, and you get a random chest after each battle. Between the space limit, the wildly long wait times to open the chests, and pets having to rest after opening one, you’re opening very few chests unless you spend money. There are keys, but if you want more of them, they’re expensive. Especially the diamond ones or whatever they are. Like, they want way too much for those. I think that at the very least, the whole concept of pets having to rest should be scrapped. The chests are the best way to advance your character and if you want to do so at a faster pace, you’re going to end up spending money. I do like the game and it’s enjoyable, but we’ll see how far I get before I’m going to have to start dumping money on it if I want to continue to progress.

it took me 4 months to get a full ensemble of 2x of all minions in rare or better quality. The monetisation is beginning to get to me but this is one area where it gets better the more you play

And similarly, with two characters working through playthroughs, it’s fairly easy to get enough character crystals to get Eveline and the knight to epic level, gaining two extra chest slots. Filling those chest slots, now that dungeon marks have been taken away (with no warning), and anything more difficult than Easy mode a likely failure, means I’m grinding away to get level 30 chests rather than the 40s or 50s I was getting before.

I don’t know if the tutorial has been improved since I ran through it first in 0.35 but they really do need to emphasise the benefits of starting atleast a second character. Getting those extra follower crystals for Northelm in particular makes a huge difference to how you can play the game - additional chest slots is nice, but the increased storage capacity is critical.

I had the same feeling when I started playing this game in September. I decided to give this game a chance and I like it. What you need to tell yourself is that chests are nothing special. Of course you may get some nice items from them, but it is so random and rare that it is not really worth crying over salvaged chest. I agree that now when they took out a possibility to buy chests getting them is more painful, but still. Chest are best way to progress - yes, but you can do many things to get some additional keys: do pvp and buy using marks, buy from daily store with gold, and get some extra during minion missions. It will get better as you grow.
For now focus on getting your followers, you can craft gear, spells and minions too. They help a lot.

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Well thanks for the responses. I’ll just get into it more and do a bit more grinding of like dungeons and stuff. I really love the game. Only thing I don’t like other than the timed stuff is the fact that the controller support is useless for battles.