Alternative option to purchase Crowns

One of the least favorable things about Puzzle Quest 3 is that it is geared toward spending real money. Please offer the option to purchase crowns with gems or gold.

I hate to speak for the devs, because they do a lot of things I disagree with with the game, but I think it’s safe to say you’ll never be able to buy crowns with in game currency. The whole point of a freemium game is to try to get people to spend real money. If you don’t want to spend “real” money, download Google Rewards. Otherwise go f2p.

The game itself is free, someone needs to pay the devs salaries. That means there needs to be an infusion of real currency into the game on a regular basis. Terribly overpriced flash offers and crown purchases is how they’ve decided to do this. The alternative is filling the app with ads or slapping a price tag on the original download. The former is hideously unappealing, the second is far too late to happen. So, while I wish everything good in life was free, it isn’t. :grin: I think we’re going to be stuck with $$ for :crown: for the foreseeable future.


Crowns for $$$s is fine but i would like to see a reduction in cost :confused: money is alot tighter atm for the average person imo, the rising cost of living + work is making budget cuts for me in Aus means i will have to pass on buying quest pass every month now… sorry!
I can occasionally be lured by a GOOD crown flash offer :kissing_heart: