Why no black friday sales? Why no sales at all actually?

Why are we not seeing any black friday sales for crowns or gems?

It seems like you guys are really missing out on an opportunity to make some money here as this is the biggest shopping weekend in the USA.

I am actually quite disappointed that I have been playing this game since it was released and I have not seen one sale at all??? ALL mobile games pretty much have sales as ways to entice players to spend and I just dont understand why 505 games would not take part in this.

I am proof (as you can see in the screenshot) that a discount will cause players to spend as I have bought all of my double crown reward options so I am a paying player so I would like it if you guys gave me the courtesy to answer why no sales?

@Jeto ???

I asked this 6 months ago

Got silence

Doesn’t really matter for me, I’ve put my wallet away for a few months now until UI and PVP are fixed



I appreciate the enthusiasm! It’s not Black Friday yet though haha

I’ve passed on feedback that you want Crown sales.

In the mean time we run flash offers to try to offer good value outside of the regular store offerings.

thanks for passing it on. Its not really a novel idea though who wouldn’t want sales on crowns and gems? So many other games do this with their premium currency so yeah its not really something out of the ordinary. Personally I think you guys are missing out on a bunch of money not doing your sales there. Maybe it isn’t black Friday yet but does it really have to be the day of? There is no reason why it couldn’t be two to three days before and after.

As for the flash sales… yeah those aren’t really good deals. Not trying to be a jerk I am just telling it to you straight. Almost never have I been tempted by those, only very rarely when I was very desperate for a specific item. I’m just going to be brutally honest while I know I have your ear, from a player perspective those flash sales aren’t that great and they kind of suck.

I have spent a lot of money on crowns and gems though.

Anyway thank you for responding and letting me tell you how I feel about it.

At one point I recall there was mention that the 2x Crown Sales would be reset so that it was not just a one time for each offer situation.


I would totally like that. I would buy them all again for sure :slight_smile:

There’s not much additional feedback I can give about Crown sales to the team, as you said, those sorts of sales are common and crowns aren’t a complicated offering so there’s no further nuanced feedback I can give.

So on that note, with the flash sales, how would you improve them?
Are there items you want to see in them?

I think feedback about price points probably won’t be as useful necessarily, because we have people who work that out for 505 Games as a living, using shop data etc. but I will take that feedback if that’s what you want to share with me.

But if you have ideas about what you want flash offers for or how to improve existing flash offers I will pass it on.

the items are fine because they are geared towards items you get that you probably want to upgrade but I am telling you they are too expensive.

I realize you have people that probably have economic degrees and all that and I am sure they are smarter than me ya ya.

The problem I am trying to get across to you all is that as a player I look at those sales and they are too expensive. That’s the bare bones of it. You can tell me all day that they say the costs are good and yeah I get it about what you think everything is worth but with the way the world is now and the situation everyone is in living check to check, 90% of your player base doesn’t have the money to throw around on items that are over priced.

I do retail for a living and I know for a fact that what you as an owner think an item is worth is not always what your customers think it is worth and most of the time to get them to bite you have to give them a deal, they have to feel their money is being well spent or they wont spend it. Right now they are too expensive period.


everything is too expensive in this game.
To upgrade an item to mythic costs well over $100.
a 6 item set to mythic is going to be over $600
there is pay to play/play to win and then there is this game which just plane greed from the devs.


As a company we aim for: Pay to progress faster, but we try to make it so almost everything can be earnt for free it just takes more time.

I’ve passed on the feedback about the prices.


thank you for listening and not getting mad. i realize this is a touchy topic because you guys are a business after all and bottom line is you have to make money to survive.


I really can’t promise anything but I do totally understand where you’re coming from.

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I have some feedback. Not specific to flash offers. But it ties in.

I am comfortable spending money in games. It’s my entertainment, and I do not feel particularly entitled to free entertainment. At the same time, I rarely feel the urge to just throw money at a game for no good reason.

OK, so what does that mean, and how does it relate to PQ3 spending?

This :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:right here, is not really working out. If I, as a player, need X amount of various things just to make my number two hero viable (much less the other 5), but I am currently sitting at X-40 things, and the price of each thing is $30? I’m just going to skip buying anything that pops up, because there is no way to make that total spend ok, and buying just one or two of the things, gets me nowhere, fast.

The current drop rates of glyphs and relics might as well be zero. The in game currency trickle is random and slow, but eventually we get there. I guess what I am trying to say is that “pay to progress faster” is only enticing when it leads to actual… progression? The current state is “pay to knock a week off of your 10 year goal”, heh. Not enticing.

I do think that some of the “newbie” flashes that come up in the story mode, are decent. Only for actual newbies, but still ok.

Unfortunately, I have no solution to offer. I can’t think of what to put into a flash offer to appeal to me, because I need so many things, that buying one won’t help me enough to make it worth the purchase. Cheaper than normal crowns. maybe? To buy passes. That is about the only thing I can think of.

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For me, personally, I’m not a big spender on games, but I will pay for things I really enjoy. That being said, I cannot justify dropping $50+, the cost of a AAA title, repeatedly, to upgrade one piece of gear. As others have mentioned, it’s just a hard pill to swallow if you’re not prepared to drop hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the game. I know there are a few whales that do it, but does their limited purchasing outweigh the value you’d get by dropping prices a bit and getting a wider buy in? I honestly don’t know. Just know that prices are currently too rich for me.


This! To your point, micro transactions used to be micro. Now they are pretty nuts. I bet you could justify spending $3.99 to upgrade one piece of gear, right? Maybe you would choose not to, but it also wouldn’t feel ridiculous?

What makes it even worse to me is that even spending more than a reasonable amt really would not get you very far ahead. So why bother? Now, to be fair, the other side of the coin would be that if everything was super cheap, it would really be pay to win. Because a lot more people would be paying and getting ahead, instead of a handful of whales. So I actually get that it’s tough to balance it.

This is why I prefer monetization that concentrates more on QoL and cosmetics. The games I drop money on tend to have passes that give me some bonuses for like a month at a $5-$10 price point, have cheap micro transactions for in game currency, cheap QoL bumps like extra inventory or “loot tickets” (loot tickets I would not buy here because loot sucks lol.) and the rest is just fluff like skins and such.

I keep getting offers for the build your own gear. It’s all priced at $30. There is no piece of gear I would pay $30 for. $30 is 3-4 months of real bonus on other games I play.

I pay for my games. I believe in that. Devs gotta eat too and publishers that do not make a profit for investors, go under. But games are a luxury and there is smart monetization and dumb monetization. So far this game has been leaning to the dumb. Not full on hard to the dumb, but a noticeable lean. Crowns should just go away. Recalibrate the gem prices to fix that, but ya. The existence of crowns is obnoxious to me.


I am watching the trend and it seems they are getting worse and worse. The prices are out of control.

I am just going to be brutally honest if i wasn’t hopelessly addicted to this game i would be long gone because the prices on everything is ridiculous and they just keep getting worse. Greed is intensifying.

One trend that i am seeing that i am totally hating is the gem cost added to the followers crafts. They are way too high and very prohibitive. If it was 25-50 per effort i would be ok with it but where they have them now is just ridiculous.

I am getting very disheartened by this rampant greed and it’s really turning me off. Everyone i talk to feels the same way sadly. :frowning:

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I really cannot believe you guys missed the opportunity to have some black friday sales on crowns and gems.

I was ready to spend, i was willing to drop at least 300.00 dollars and then all day i waited and nothing.

I am very disappointed with the greed i am seeing by your company.

I honestly think your upper management needs to take a hard look at the people in charge of the economics of the game and maybe consider finding someone else with a better grip on what the real world considers a good deal. The ones you have now are out of touch for sure.

I too say your flash offers are ridiculously expensive.
I have only bought crowns at 2x amounts and have no plans to buy anything else at current prices.

I buy every Hearthstone Megabundle expansion and for me those are worth it (latest one will be an exception).