Have crown flash offers been removed?

I haven’t seen a flash offer for crowns for ages, did they stop doing them?

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Dont know, but they all were such bad every time, that I just ignore them totally meanwhile.

I wondered if they were removed when there was that overseas court ruling about special pricing being prohibited. I don’ know, but I haven’t seen one for quite a while.

I did buy at least one of them. I was a bit frustrated by their shorter time window, because I know I had one pop up right before bed that I was going to buy and I didn’t think to check when I got up figuring it was a standard 24 hour window and it was gone by the time I got in game the next day.

It’s the only time I’ll buy crowns, I hope they come back for the quest pass +.

The 30 day crown offer is decent, or has there been better deals im unaware of

I don’t know if better is a correct word, but there were Flash Offers that would pop-up for crowns at a lower price than the regular price in the store. From what I remember, they were about the same value as the 30 day crowns offer, but provided all the crowns at once.


They were something like 500 crowns for £3.99 if I remember correctly.

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