[Reported] Unable to purchase today's flash deal

What’s going on here, please advise.

I’m trying to buy 2 royal and 2 serpentine relics. I’m getting this error as soon as I click on the buy button

Of course you’re all on holidays, I understand. Why is it every single thing in this game is broken in some way though.

The worst feeling is making us feel like suckers for being bait and switched into buying crowns for something that doesn’t even work.


me too.
All choices seem to give the same result.


Same thing that happened with the last one. I’m really frustrated about it too because I bought 30.00 worth of crowns for it and it did the same thing. :rage:

Next week upon return, they need to reinstitute these offers, both this one and the one before that didn’t work:

The sad part of this is people are trying to spend money on this game and can’t. :laughing:


Same for me. How we could get this ?

Same here. Why would they offer it again without fixing the problem with the first one? Did they expect the code to fix itself?

Grabbed these flash offer issues this morning!

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What’s happening here then. Do I need to put a ticket in to get the money back I spent on crowns for this broken flash offer or should I send an email in to the ACCC for bait and switch tomfoolery?

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