[Updated] Kingdom Bazaar won't allow purchases and has items denominated in Crowns

See topic. Bazaar gone wrong.


Yeah, that’s the same issue I just experienced.

Server is confused with multiples of the same item appearing requiring the same type of currency to purchase.

Impressive guild bazaar roll though, for sure.


Getting the same message.

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I didn’t get an error message buying the key, but yesterday’s bazaar was almost as bad as today’s too. What’s going on?

On it friends! Reporting this to the team now.


I think the bug is linked to the legendary relic rather than the currency / duplicated items, as we can buy the rare and epic relic for gold but not the legendary relic for gold.

I hope this can be fixed today because at the moment we can’t make enough purchases for today’s goal. The one item to the right of the screenshot is a legendary relic for one and a half thousand gems.

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My guild didnt roll any legendary relics today in the bazaar.

However, we have 2x Epic Relics for 5k gold each offers. We can buy one epic relic for coins, but not the second.

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Please have the developers consider granting Bazaar Tier completions for today and any additional days that this is unresolved. With the new Calendar, a single missed day is a ultimately a potential missed reward.



For us, the non-working Bazaar means missing out on 2 legendary relics for gold, as we re-stock the Bazaar always when there are follower crystals or legendary / mythic relics on sale (for anything but crowns or gems) … luckily, we tried to buy the first relic before restocking… it would have been even more disappointing that way.

I am with Sibelios on this. Deals asking for crowns, deals that cannot be bought… We cannot be expected to complete the purchase goal under these conditions, which will result in losing rewards. So please, we would be grateful if, in addition to solve this issue, developers also make sure we won’t be failing tier bazaar completion.

Than you very much.


Hey everyone,

The team has been looking into this and are working on a fix, this does mean the deals will likely change at some point after it’s released. I do not have a specific time for this but we are hoping within the next few hours/before our end of day :crossed_fingers:t2:

We are just currently still running some tests on getting Kingdoms reward tier increased, with that we will also send that days reward. If the purchase amount reached meets the following tier requirement, then the next reward will also be sent.
This is still being tested, so if anything changes or I get any further news I’ll return!

ALSO! Deals generated with a Crown cost were not intended, this was a mistake and is expected to be resolved after this fix is released.


Deals appear to have re-rolled mid-day, but the re-roll still has Crown offers in them?

Following up on that now! If anyone hasn’t already, please force close and relaunch your game.
Also following up on offers still being unavailable, crowns still displaying and offers being incorrect after purchase.

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I restarted, but the Bazaar still shows this:

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Jeto, people in my kingdom are buying things in today’s bazaar but are being shown things from yesterday, and are paying unknowingly for whatever is in that slot for today.

Zenaxa is down almost 3000 gems for unknowingly buying a warlord relic when they thought they were buying things for gold.

Now that there are items in the bazaar for crowns costing actual money, this REALLY needs to be sorted out as soon as possible.

I suggest putting a pause on the bazaar game wide and compensation for all purchases until you guys figure this out

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Our two bazaar Legendary item won’t allow me to purchase. I get an Error message.

As mentioned above, those are things we are currently investigating and I’m speaking to the team about what options we have to prevent more players from buying the items to get something different. Or just what is happening overall with the Bazaar currently.

But this (wrong items being received after purchase) is linked to anyone who has not restarted since the push went out, after restarting it should display the correct current offers - tested earlier on my account after I experienced this exact issue.

Adding further to this, after daily reset tomorrow either way the deal data will update if anyone hasn’t restarted in the meantime. We will be sending compensation for the Tier Progress and if any offers were missed, as I mentioned previously and now with this developing issue of the incorrect items, we will also look into how we compensate those players for offers made during that period that they were displaying incorrectly.
But I do not know the details on that part specifically, as some offers would have been purchased and received correctly whereas others (like myself) got the incorrect offer - and I can imagine in the data this would look the same.

Once I get more information, I’m right here. But appreciate your patience while I work with the team on what options we have and passing on your reports.


Hello again everyone,

Here is an update, as I just got out of a meeting in regards to this issue - some of what I’m about to write is likely going to be some repeats of what I mentioned above but it’s less speculative now and is an actual plan.

  • After Daily Reset tomorrow, this Bazaar issue is expected to be resolved for everyone as all players will be on the same data, irrelevant of players who relaunched today or not
    • This is what was causing some players to see different Kingdom Bazaar offers to their other Kingdom members. Because they were not on the updated version essentially.
    • The missing graphic and text for the offers so they are displayed as a black box will also be resolved.
    • The error “Unable to purchase…” should no longer occur.
  • Compensation will be organised and pushed once resolved. This will include Tier Progress and missed rewards (which I have mentioned) also purchases of offers that were displaying incorrect data, which is currently being discussed as to the best way to handle this.
    • I should have more information on this tomorrow

The team and CX will be keeping an eye out tomorrow after the update is released in case anything further occurs so we can report it asap. Again, appreciate your patience.


What about this compensation? Apparently our guild had armour glyphs for food before the update, which is imo the best single thing possible in the bazaar. Some people could buy 2 as the bazaar was restocked but I just woke up in the morning and have missed out on this awesome deal.

(It wasn’t clearly stated but we have one of those black squares now in the bazaar it may have been the glyph but I’m not sure)

EDIT Kingdom - Throne of Odin in case you can reinstate the armour glyph for food for us.

EDIT 2: The FIX done earlier today I can now see is what actually messed up our bazaar for today. It would have been better off without the fix being applied during the day and applied at daily reset instead. More people (inc me) could have bought 2x armour glyphs for food and other kingdom members wouldn’t have had incorrect purchases.

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