[Updated] Kingdom Bazaar won't allow purchases and has items denominated in Crowns

Just as @shmaunpq (same kingdom) I have been waiting for ages to get armor glyphs in the bazaar for food. I just woke up to discover that the bazaar was correctly working and that we had that deal… But that now is gone, replaced by a black box after the “correction”… It’s not a nice way of starting the day, I feel really unlucky right now :sob:. I guess there is no way for that offer to be reinstated, but it would be awesome if it could be.

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Same bum luck here. This is the kind of ridiculousness that makes me want to throw in the towel. I wait and wait and wait some more for armor glyphs. They finally arrive on a night that I am not feeling well and go to bed early. But they are gone when I wake up. Why? Because it was apparently EXTREMLY important to NOT fix the bazaar, immediately. lol

I was able to buy two of the glyphs before it reset, so I can confirm that they were available to us.

My daily deals were messed up in a similar way.

Yeah, same here… I jumped on that when I heard there were some weird shenanigans, so I didn’t want to miss it before things got fixed/reset.

Compensation data is in the final stages of being pushed out, they will take some time to go out though so some people will likely see mail before others. Here are the details:

  • Purchases made while this Kingdom Bazaar & Daily Deal issue was active, will be completely refunded and sent to your in-game mail

    • The items purchased will remain in your inventory, just the resources spent will be refunded. This will just apply to everyone who made purchases of those offers, not just the ones that were incorrect.
  • Kingdoms Tiers will be progressed and any rewards from this will be automatically mailed out. Unless your Kingdom was already at the max tier and cannot progress further.

I have asked what is possible in regards to the Armor Glyph offer, as an addition to the resources spend yesterday being refunded, but do not have anything further on this.


Dear Jeto,

I will be honest, reading that has made me recover a lot of the hope I lost yesterday. I wasn’t too concerned about the bazaar issue, I understand that this kinds of bugs sometimes appear and are not always easy and fast to fix, but I trusted the dev team to work on it and then giving an appropiate compensation to those affected by it. But waking up to discover that a fix pushed through after daily reset had made our precious armor glyph offer disappear from our baazar… Was really painful and frustrating.

I have been struggling for a long time to win against the KD dragon, but I still have a longer way to go, mainly due to armor glyphs being so difficult to get. That is why I have been waiting for an armor glyph for food offer in the bazaar for ages, I am always near my food cap for that. So imagine how I felt when waking up and realizing that finally armor glyphs have been offered in the bazaar… But disappeared before I could buy them. I was so hurted and frustrated that I nearly rage quitted several times during the morning. The only other time I felt similarly was when buying 3 glyphs for 5100 gems and getting all three of them minion type (yes, glyph system is probably the most frustrating aspect of the game, as we have extensively discussed here).

Now, reading that you have passed yesterday’s bad experience to the team to discuss what can be done, is really reassuring. This game rises on us players plenty of emotions, most of them positive but some of them not so much. And I believe that the key on making the game as enjoyable as possible is being heared out on all those parts of it that create negative feeling, and having a dev team that try their best in answering those issues.

So thank you very much for hearing us out on this, Jeto, and passing it to the team. It means a lot to me, and gives me strenght to not falter while struggling through the difficulties (that is, getting glyphs) to keep enjoying the game. I do hope something can be done by the team to help us ease yesterday’s pain. Thanks!


@HigureTheStillWind Nice post, and I think the re-evaluation of your initial post shows a strong depth of character
Our forum needs more of this
And our Dev’s need more of this level of trust
I hope our players get a positive outcome for this

[Keep in mind the weekend just started here, so if nothing happens for at least the next 48 hours, that’s probably why]

I am NOT in the guild(s) that were impacted by this glyph situation, but as a long time player I can empathise with the pain a situation such as this could inflict
I hope you get a fair outcome


Thank you for the appreciation. Sometimes I wonder… We ask of devs to think about us and to understand our needs. But have we tried to walk even a couple of steps in their shoes? I cannot imagine how tough it must be trying your best, always trapped between trying to give players what they want but forced to keep the game as profitable as possible, only to get then flooded with plenty of complaints, anger and negative feedback. If I want devs to be kind to me, then shouldn’t I start first being kind to them?

That is why I always try to make my contributions to the forum as positive as possible, trying to keep my complaints polite and constructive (not just the “this is bad” or “give me more resources” kind) and thanking the devs for the nice upgrades and all the cool things that make me enjoy this game even more.

We are humans, though. This game gives us plenty of joy, but sometimes frustration and anger too. I know it is not always easy to keep them out of our posts, sometimes our trust falters when things don’t go the way we want and we feel the need to vent all that in the forum. I have done that myself. But I believe that the more we try to keep our cool and not lose ourselves to frustration or anger, the better this forum will be. This is a game I truly enjoy, so I want to contribute as much as I can to making it even better.

We may get a fair outcome or not, I don’t know. Sometimes “what is possible” may not be much and I am sure that not every issue can be easily addressed even if they would love to. However, being heared out by the dev team and feeling that they are trying their best so that we can enjoy this game to the fullest is enough for me to keep trusting them and encouraging them to keep their hard work.


@Jeto We are getting “No gold deals” 2 days in a row.

The deal items and resources are generated randomly from a pool, so there is a chance you will see all one resource cost or a mix of resource and then possibly not see one type (your example being gold) for more than a day.

Thanks, but it never happened before, let alone two days in a row.
We get 1 gold deal today.

@Jeto Another “No Gold” bazaar today. Sorry but I don’t think it’s RNG.
Never have a “No Gold” Bazaar in 9 months (250+ days)
After the update and fix of “Crown deals” we have 3 non-gold bazaars in 5 days.

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It’s been a week now. I know you are all busy with 2.0 but I feel this would be best resolved sooner rather than later.
It may not be applicable to everyone in the kingdom but the only resources I got back was gold (which I max out every day anyway). So for me this wouldn’t be an addition, but the only compensation for something I missed out on.

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It would be nice to have an update on this, indeed. Probably the timing isn’t the best, with 2.0 coming right now, but we would be grateful to know whether something can be done (even if it takes some time) or not.

Thank you.