Please do something about Glyphs (Making them Universal would be a good start!)

I’m back yet again to bring up this topic as it continues to be the biggest pain point for virtually all players to enjoy any sort of gear progression. The last time I brought it up was when Tiers I-III Relics were made universal (a big improvement!)

So many players I talk to want to enjoy the game, even want to spend money on the game but even if you invest in the quest pass, or save up a lot of gems, the sinking feeling of getting a bunch of spell and minion glyphs when all you want is an armor glyph is demoralizing and hurting interest in the game.

Please do something to address this issue.


I’d like to echo this sentiment without doing it in ALL CAPS. :slight_smile:
I’ve got so many minion glyphs that I’ll never use. I’d at least like a way to convert them to something more useful.


Amen. Nothing like the emotional rollercoaster of getting a precious glyph from Kingdom defense rewards only to be crushed by the fact it’s your 30th useless minion glyph. (No, I’m not wasting precious t4 relics upgrading minions)


Absolutely agree! I currently have 46 minion glyphs, 34 spell glyphs, 10 weapon glyphs, 5 armor glyphs and 9 accessory glyphs.

I could use all of those armor glyphs right now, (probably all of the accessory glyphs too), but I’m paralyzed by fear of not getting another armor glyph until 2025.

Meanwhile, those minion glyphs won’t get touched until the next season drops, and by then I’ll likely have 60. I’m not going to throw away tier 4 relics on any minion, ever, and I only do legendary for the season minion goals.

Similarly, my spell glyphs will continue to pile up.

What is really sad, is that (compared to reports from other players) I’m not overly “unlucky” with my glyph draws. If the rng was beating me up the way it is hitting some players, I don’t know if I could keep playing.


I completely agree. I have received 13 glyphs, 5 of them spell glyphs and 4 minion glyphs, which feels extremely disappointing. Right now evolving all my year to legendary is probably going to be extremely tedious, I don’t want to ever think about mythic.

The scarcity of glyphs seems a bit too much, even more when there are different types. Just making glyphs universal would be a wonderful improvement and make upgrading to legendary and mythic less frustrating.


That is a big part of the problem. The ability to get ANY glyph is so limited, that it amplifies the negative emotions when that glyph is not helpful.


Totally agree the glyph system needs to be reworked for sure.

It’s not only a situation for individual players it’s a situation for kingdoms as well. Some kingdoms just can’t get over the hump and get to the next level because their players cannot level their gear because of this and the insanely low drop rate of superior relics.

Your not only holding back the players, your holding back the kingdoms…. The wordS that comes to mind when seeing the results from this issue is STAGNATION and PLAYERBASE DEATH.

The algorithm needs reworked on the drop rates of the kinds of glyphs that drop from 30k gold buy also. It needs to stop being so heavily weighted towards minion glyphs.

There should never be a situation where I as a player draw 31 minion glyphs in a row from the 30k weekly gold buy, and yes I am keeping track because I am a nerd like that lol.


Some historical context:

A long time ago, many many updates in the past, in the original external beta version of the game (version 0.34) there were universal Glyphs.

In the first update, 0.35, these universal Glyphs were segmented into the colored Glyphs we all know today.

Patch notes:

Side note: This replaced the original evolution system of Fluxes, which required the player to farm 3 additional copies of the thing they wanted to evolve to the next rarity and sacrifice them with the Glyph and the appropriate tier Flux (which were only available in the Quest Pass at the time, so there was no Legendary or Mythic evolutions without a Quest Pass purchase).

Hindsight commentary: Fluxes were publicly said to be scrapped because keeping duplicates of things for potential future evolution was too much of a burden on inventory space. In a game world today with Northelm inventory upgrades post level 50, this system could have been workable today. :person_shrugging:

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I just spent 5100 gems to get… 3 minion glyphs. And 30.000 coins for a spell glyph. All the week waiting for this opportunity to keep growing, and I just received one of the biggest dissapointments since starting the game. Another week with minimal upgrade to my gear. And we go to 7 minion glyphs and 6 spell glyphs out of 17.

This kind of experience does not help at all to keep players engaged. On the contrary, it makes you wonder if the effort was worth it. Please, please, please, think about it devs. I don’t mind that much having to wait to keep upgrading my gear, but minion glyphs are simply too frustrating. I hope there is a way to avoid this kind of dissapointing experiences within the game.


I got five glyphs in the last week, grinding and spending lots of gems. The result of all that effort? One armor glyph and FOUR minion glyphs.

Maybe it’s just bad luck, but it looks to me like the roll is weighted towards minion glyphs.


Another minion glyph today. Definitely weighted towards minion glyphs.


Yup 2 minion glyphs for me today! Now have 32 in total…

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I hear there is a minion rework coming - so maybe, just maybe, you are sitting on a goldmine

But yeah, universal glyphs would be very nice

As would something like wildcard glyphs/relics

I highly doubt we are sitting on a gold mine here looking back at what they have done to the better - hopefully you are right but as long they proof me wrong I am going to expect minions glyphs won’t do the trick after the so called rework.

Tbh I catched myself being hyped about @Jeto s statement in one weak moment but remembering all the done “usefulness” have brought me back to earth; so I am just sitting here and wait for what will come … soon

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Two minion glyphs and one armor glyph for me. Wasn’t willing to gamble more precious gems for a 50% shot at something worth while.

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The glyph situation is way beyond depressing and frustrating. I don’t play the game to be disappointed every week. Something needs to change! And while you’re at it fix the weapon shard drop rates! There is no doubt in my mind that things are weighted against the player in this regard.


Here is another idea for the devs.

Let’s say you don’t want to make Glyphs universal, either because you would need to rework currency or because then they wouldn’t be so limiting and you want to keep the difficulty to evolve gear high so that players are more prone to spend money. Then couldn’t it be possible to change glyphs obtained from gems and marks from random to fixed?

Both gems and marks are hard to get currencies, and spending them to get minion glyphs feels incredibly bad (waiting a whole week and spending 5100 gems to get 3 minion glyphs got me nearly crying of frustration and sadness). For example, each sunday instead 3 random glyphs we could have 3 glyphs of a specific type, or 3 different types of glyphs, changing every week. This way you could keep glyphs as a limiting currency, since we would still need to wait until the neccesary glyphs are offered. But at the same time we would be knowing what we are spending our hard earned resources on, and avoid the depressing feeling that comes with wasting your precious gems or marks to get a nearly worthless resource.

I am not against glyphs being so difficult to obtain. I understand these kind of games need some limiters so that players feel the need to spend money on it. But I believe that the existence of minion glyphs is too much, making a gamble of getting one of the most scarce and expensive resource of the game takes the difficulty to a depressing level, where it can push players out of the game instead. If the randomness is taken from the equation, at least, you could save us from the frustration that comes week after week when a player finds their hopes to keep growing destroyed by those minion glyphs appearing in their screens.


+1 on doing something about glyphs.

I see three other options if having universal glyphs is a no-go for some reason.
To be honest, the suggestions might work with universal glyphs as well.

  1. Add a new follower in 1.6 like Darkhunter but for Glyphs. Then we can craft a random glyph for gold/ore, or specific glyph for gems/ore. As a bonus, this new follower would also gain an Eveline-like ability to exchange Glyphs for a specific type (and so would Darkhunter)

  2. Add a “Glyph Trader” and/or “Rune Trader” as destinations in the new Adventure mode. This could allow the purchase of items for gold, or the exchange between item types (i.e 2 x Minion Glyphs for an Armour Glyph).

  3. Increase Glyph acquisition from normal gameplay. This could look like adding a (up to 10% depending on rarity) chance to get a glyph from salvaging armour/spells/minions/accessories/weapons, replacing the random glyph purchases for gems/gold with a specific glyph purchases on a given day of the week, more glyphs in daily deals/kingdom bazaars etc…

That would leave Tier IV Relics requiring some minor attention. Like a better drop rate from Lvl 100 dungeon chests and for seasonal relics to be included in eveline’s exchange recipe.


Yes I agree. Minion glyphs drop 90% of the time it seems. Come on devs move a decimal point over some and easily fix this problem. Your dwindling player base asks you . thanks


Here is another idea: no changes to the currency system neither increasing glyph availability, just a change of the drop-ratio of each type of glyph.

Take shards, for example, weapon shards drop in reduced numbers compared to armor and accesory shards. This is totally expected, since there is a single weapon but several armor and accesory pieces. ¿Couldn’t we have something similar with glyphs? We would get exactly the same amount of glyphs, but at least we would reduce the frustration of getting the 50th glyph we have no use for. No need to change ratios too much, even something like 3:3:2:2:1 would be great (armor:accessory:weapon:spell:minion).

Right now glyphs are one of the least fun and most frustrating aspect of the game, partly because of their scarcity and partly because of the even drop ratio of glyphs of vastly different worth. I don’t ask to give glyphs away, I understand that they are a core part of this game’s income. But I really would like devs to think about this, I’m sure there are plenty of ways to solve this issue without losing any money. It is just a matter of keeping glyphs scarce, but lessening the bad taste of spending valuable time and resources to get a “better luck next time”.

Thank you for hearing us out.

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