Updated 1.4 Patch Notes

Update 1.4 – The Fallen Order – Patch Notes

Notice: These patch notes are being posted prior to the release of the update. Update 1.4 will be releasing October 26th at 12:01 AM UTC // October 25th at 5:01 PM PDT

All dates listed above are 00:00 (GMT/UTC)

Values in bold are affected by the rarity or element of the item.

Fallen Quarterstaff (Weapon)

Generals of the Fallen Order carried a staff to signify their rank.

  • When dealing damage of this item’s gem color, there is a 25-40% chance to apply Freeze to the enemy for 4 turns

Fallen Mantle (Body)

Now old and tattered, these mantles were once finely embroidered.

  • When taking damage, there is a 5% chance to create a mix of 2-5 purple and blue gems.

Fallen Gauntlets (Gloves)

The skull motif on these gloves signify a Fallen Knight who has seen battle.

  • If inflicted with Freeze, gain 25-40% Crit Chance

Fallen Shoulderguards (Shoulders)

The intricate metalwork on these pauldrons gives them great durability.

  • After taking Damage, gain 0.5-2% of Max Armor and Resistance for each skull on the board

Fallen Ring (Ring)

Once worn, these sharp rings were painful and difficult to remove.

  • There is a 2-8% chance each turn to fill one of your blue or purple spells

Fallen Belt (Belt)

Though much of the Fallen Armor is broken, these belts have endured well.

  • Gain 2-5 Speed for each Skull on the board.

Fallen Set Bonus

Fallen I (2 piece set bonus)

    • Freeze the Enemy for 1/2/3/4/5/6 turns when 5 or more skulls are matched
      • Gain 5-30% All Elemental Damage Reduction if facing Season 1.4 Fallen Order enemies.

Fallen II (4 piece set bonus)

    • 5-30% chance to create a Skull Gem at the start of turn.
      • Gain 5-30% Melee & Missile Damage Reduction if facing Season 1.4 Fallen Order enemies.

Fallen III (6 piece set bonus)

    • Gain 1-6% Power for each Skull on the board.
      • Gain 5-30% Power if facing Season 1.4 Fallen Order enemies.

Available only in the Cache items in the Season shop, this item will drop at Legendary rarity.

Worn by the most powerful commanders of the Fallen Legion, these helms are very finely wrought.

At the start of my turn, there is a 60% chance to upgrade 1/2/3/4 gems’ Tiers by 1.

Values in bold are affected by the rarity or element of the spell.

Bless The Dead (90 Yellow Mana)

  • Destroy all Skulls and Deal 0.7x Light Damage, and 1-6% chance per skull destroyed to gain a barrier.
  • (Level: Damage, Rarity: Chance of Barrier)

Burn the Dead (150 Red Mana)

  • Deal 1.25x Fire Damage and Destroy all Skulls. Boost damage by +1-6% for each skull destroyed.
  • (Level: Damage, Rarity: Damage Boost)

Fortify the Dead (80 Purple Mana)

  • Remove all Skull Gems. Gain 1-6% max armor for each skull removed. Gain 0.5x Resistance.
  • (Level: Resistance, Rarity: Armor)

Thaw the Dead (160 Blue Mana)

  • For each Skull on the board Heal 0.1x Life. Then convert 3-8 Blue Gems to Skulls.
  • (Level: Heal, Rarity: Number of Converted Gems)


  • Speedy
  • PvP Spell: Wyrmstrike (50 Mana)
    • Deal 0.8x Fire Damage. Inflict Poison on the enemy for 4 turns
    • Poison: Poisoned characters take extra damage each turn


  • Speedy
  • PvP Spell: Deadly Gaze (65 Mana)
    • Deal 1x Poison Damage, + 10% per skull on the board. 10% chance per skull to deal an extra 1x Melee Damage.


  • Mighty
  • PvP Spell: Command Legion (75 Mana)
    • Deal 1x Physical Damage and remove all skulls from the board. Deal +10% extra damage as Ice Damage for each skull removed.


  • Cunning
  • PvP Spell: Corner Prey (75 Mana)
    • Deal 1.25x Dark Damage, and inflict Terror on the enemy for 4 turns.
    • Characters inflicted with Terror only receive half the benefits from positive status effects like Barrier and Haste.

A rare sort will always feel at home amongst the Fallen.

A complex ritual with arcane runes and ancient appeals to darkness… Or… Fire?

We’re very excited to be bringing you our first round of Follower updates! This time around we’re focusing on gear, so we’ve picked out three of our good friends and given them the ability to:

  • Craft new items (See Crafting below)
  • Both at random and by specific selection
  • Reforge old ones (See Reforge below)
  • Change gear attributes and elements of at random or by selection
    • If you don’t like the Reforged item, you can always keep the original!

Followers that craft gear now have new options available. Items can now be crafted by selecting certain features such as the gear slot, element type and gear set.

Several Followers have new crafting abilities with future support for Darkhunter for Rune and Scroll crafting.

Eveline Updates

  • Removed abilities to exchange relics to specific Tier I, II & III since those type no longer exist
  • Removed duration on exchanging, these abilities are now instant


Level 1 – Craft random armor

Level 15 – Craft random armor for a chosen Slot

Level 25 – Craft random armor for a chosen Set

Level 35 – Craft armor for a specific Slot and Set

All these abilities are now instant


Level 1 – Craft a random Accessory

Level 15 – Craft a random Accessory for a chosen Slot

Level 25 – Craft a random Accessory for a chosen Set

Level 35 – Craft an Accessory for a specific Slot and Set

All these abilities are now instant


Level 1 – Craft a random Weapon or Shield

Level 15 – Craft either a random Weapon or a random Shield

Level 25 – Craft a random Weapon or Shield for a specific set

Level 35 – Craft a Weapon or Shield specifically for a chosen Set

All these abilities are now instant

Some Followers can now change an existing item’s Attributes or Element through a new ability called “Reforge”.

  • Any Reforged attributes or elements will be different to what the item currently has. In the case of Attributes, this only applies to the specific slot the attribute is in (i.e the same Attribute may appear in another slot).
  • After Reforging an item that has a random component to the result, you may choose whether to keep the original or Reforged item.


Level 40 – Reforge Attributes on Armor

Level 45 – Reforge Element on Armor

Level 50 – Reforge specific Element on Armor

All these abilities are now instant


Level 40 – Reforge Attributes on Accessories

Level 45 – Reforge Element on Accessories

Level 50 – Reforge specific Element on Accessories

All these abilities are now instant


Level 40 – Reforge Attributes on Weapons & Shields

Level 45 – Reforge Element on Weapons & Shields

Level 50 – Reforge specific Element on Weapons & Shields

All these abilities are now instant

With so many different items and resources in the game, it’s really difficult to put together packs for our players that would actually be consistently useful.

So now you can create your own!

Flash offers will now appear allowing players to choose one or more of a given resource such as Runes and Scrolls.

Flash offers will now appear allowing players to choose unlocked item features in order to receive a more tailored item, similar to the new Follower Crafting system!

  • Shards have now been collapsed into a single rarity per type, with the following conversion rates:
    • Minor 1:1
    • Lesser 1:2
    • Greater 1:4
    • Major 1:8
    • Superior 1:12

  • Tier I, II & III Relics have been collapsed into a universal Relic type per rarity:
    • Rare Relic
    • Epic Relic
    • Legendary Relic

  • Tier I, II & III Relics have been collapsed into a universal Relic type per rarity:
    • Rare Relic
    • Epic Relic
    • Legendary Relic

Tier IV Relics have been renamed to match their Gear Set names, and they still use their Tier IV Relic Icons:

    • Guard Relic
    • Royal Relic
    • Savior Relic
    • Dwarven Relic
    • Dragonguard Relic
    • Firewalker Relic
    • Warlord Relic
    • Night Relic
    • Serpentine Relic
    • Jeweled Relic
    • Runic Relic
    • Esgaard Relic
    • Elven Relic
    • Bone Relic
    • Bloodfang Relic
    • Khazdhuli Relic
    • Flametree Relic
    • Dreamhold Relic

After our launch of Update 1.3 we received a lot of really great feedback from the community on quality of life tweaks we could make that would improve the experience. While we haven’t been able to implement everything just yet, we have made several improvements!

Detail View

  • You can now select Detailed View in the Vault, and whilst in this mode you can toggle whether to show names. The game will remember your choice!

Updated Borders

  • We have also updated the item borders in the Vault in a way that we hope will better reflect the rarity of the Gear, Spells and Minions!
  • We have tinted the color of the ribbon with the Level information to match the item rarity.
  • Please let us know what you think of these updated borders. We’re continuing work on making rarity clearer to read.

  • Updates to Disease functionality

Disease is more prominent in 1.3 than in any of our prior updates. As a result, it was the first time we had really encountered it extensively in-game… And it wasn’t much fun to not be able to cast any non-Ultimate spells for the duration of Disease. So, we decided to tune it slightly!

Diseased heroes lose 12 Ultimate Spell Power per turn, while diseased enemies lose 12 Spell Mana per turn

  • New Autoplay options have been added to the Settings Menu allowing the Autoplay to perform specific actions on the Altar Select, and Potion Screens
    • Altar Menu: (new default is Enabled) – When Enabled, the Autoplay will now automatically pick an Altar in Dungeons, and continue the battle without any player interaction. When Disabled, the Autoplay will wait until an Altar is selected.
    • Potions Menu: (default is Disabled) – When Enabled, the Autoplay will skip the Potion Menu without applying any Potions to your hero, and continue the battle without any player interaction. When Disabled, the Autoplay will now wait for the player to pick what potions they want to use, and once confirmed, the Autoplay will continue battling.

  • The hero profile menu now displays the Kingdom name and join date
  • Player Gear Score is now shown in Follower Side Quests
  • Updated Follower upgrade UI to offer better upgrading options and to more clearly show the effects when leveling the follower.
  • Pips no longer show on the header bar chat icon for global messages, but you’ll still see the chat icon light up when you get a new message

  • You will now not get a Join Kingdom pop-up until Level 10
  • Minions now speed up with Food instead of Gems!
    • The cost for this is 120 Food per hour remaining.
  • The base food cap has increased from 600 to 3000
  • We’ve front-loaded the turn taking time to help newer players be able to make more moves per turn. Previously you’d get 0.2s extra per match you made, regardless of how many you made. Now you’ll get 0.5s, 0.375s, and 0.25s for the first three matches respectively, and then 0.125s for every match after that.

  • 1.2 Mini-Boss “Hellion” was causing a Null Reference Exception on Entry
  • Dragonking Set I bonus was causing errors
  • Bloodfang Crit Chance Bonus Calculation was inconsistent
  • Should now update correctly to reflect the board state.
  • Multiple effects which affect a Big Gem’s level on creation would result in an incorrect final level
  • I.e Royal I Set bonus interacting with the Bone III Set bonus.

  • Fixed Co-op difficulty selection showing Difficulty XI
  • Invite from Kingdom to Party was soft locking
  • Fixed Camera focus points being incorrectly centered in world map transitions
  • Gear Set bonuses were overlapping
  • Daemon’s Eye from the Ultimate Cache in the Seasonal Event, was not displayed in your Wallet under Relics
  • Gem cost to skip a Follower’s timer would be incorrect at the very start of their action
  • Eveline no longer says that she restricts other Follower’s rarity
  • Enemy portraits were overlapping in co-op battles
  • PvP Score & Defence Totals were displaying incorrectly

  • When receiving Kingdom Defense rewards for a failed defense with gold tier rewards earned, the rewards mail showed two silver medals instead of a silver and gold.

  • There is no longer a tall dwarf in PvP (We’re sorry)

  • Enemy variants and boss variants should now display the correct portrait in battle

  • In Daily Siege and Dungeon battles, element specific modifiers are inactive.
    • This will be resolved in 1.4.5
  • Salvage UI fails to load after dismissing the warning ‘unable to salvage last weapon’ pop up message
  • Global Mail with No Rewards still shows Rewards to Collect
  • Sound effects delay in sped up battles
  • Mass Salvaging Minions doesn’t update the display
  • At times when returning to the anchor menu, the chat icon can incorrectly show a pip indicating 9 new messages, even if there aren’t any
  • Loadout drop downs are not working in various game menus
  • Brimstone not buffing correct masteries


  • Salvaging Gear is visually displaying the wrong total of Shards received, but the correct total is being added to your inventory. This is a visual issue.

Please note we have made the most changes under the Known Issues and Bug Fixes section. This does not include issues found after 1.4 has since released

A note from Jeto: Currently the PQ3 website is currently down, so please bear with me if I have missed anything from these updated patch notes and need to add them in or make edits later


(this is not me, but the mighty Gerisham :laughing: )

Kingdom join dates prior to Update 1.2 all.are showing as Jan 01, 1970


Crafter Costs based on Level 50 Crafter
(not listed in patch notes I assume since the Gold and Ore cost is variable per level)

1,480 Gold, 320 Ore

3,450 Gold, 240 Ore, 1 Rare Relic

300 Ore, 250 Gems, 1 Epic Relic

500 Ore, 350 Gems, 1 Legendary Relic

300 Ore, 200 Gems

500 Ore, 500 Gems

750 Ore, 1 [Crafter] Crystal

Some thoughts and feedback about the function of these abiities and the costs:

  • Bug - @Jeto, When you use the Reforge abilities, the gem cost is not shown as deducted, giving you the impression that no gem cost was incurred. Once you refresh your main screen by either restarting the game, playing a match, etc, you will see your gem pool has been deducted. This is incredibly misleading and should be fixed ASAP
  • Feedback - 500 gems for a random element reforge is too high particularly when 1) you only have a 25% chance of success, and 2) the cost to do an on demand element change at Level 50 is 1x Crystal which has an equivalent cost of 300 gems (yes I realize you have to spend 25 Crystals to enjoy the Level 50 benefit but still; it shouldn’t be more gems essentially than a higher tier ability)
  • Feedback - Reforging attributes should give you the ability to lock in certain attributes that you do want to retain and then only the ones you want to reroll are rolled. If this necessitates an extra gem cost, then so be it. Right now, the ability is really subpar when trying to reroll for legendary or mythic items that you already own but only want to change one attribute
  • Feedback - having to unfavorite an item from the Gear screen to then Reforge it is a bit tedious. Can you eliminate this extra requirement?

Gem cost not updating has been reported and is currently being investigated here


Hi @Jeto ,

The conversion script for the update appears to have not recognized the Season 1.3 Mythic Relic (Orb of Wonder). Both my account and Lyranica’s account are missing these relics after updating to 1.4. I’m missing 4, and she is missing 7.

Side note: She had 1.2 Season Mythic relics and those did convert over correctly with the update, so the issue appears to be strictly related to the 1.3 Season Mythic relics.


I concur, I am also missing my Season 1.3 Mythic Relics.

I too am missing the T4 relic from Dreamhold

Let the team know friends, and grabbed some of your account data. They are also looking into this currently.

Edit: Team currently has a fix for this they are working on and intended to be rolled out tomorrow. This will restore & convert missing 1.3 relics

@Jeto I, too, am missing my four Orb of Wonders :sob:

I was saving those for the day I finally get Oberon’s Keybelt after I open my 82nd ultimate cache next year, lol

Not mentioned in patch notes…

Jocea uses Food now to craft minions and not Ore. She still uses Gems though to speed up her crafting time.

Just want to give my two cents: the attribute reforging using ore without generating anything new is a real bummer. Until now, we could at least run a single follower for tickets or items. The new reroll feature, while anazing, makes it so that we cant run any other followers due to all ore (and gems) going to rerolls…

At the same time, over time players will get large stockpiles of early upgrade materials which they cannot ever upgrade, because gems and ore are now going heavily towards reforging (especially now that there is no drive to upgrade prior to salvaging).

At this point early upgrade materials (T1 and eventually T2 relics) as well as earlier runes and scrolls will become useless much earlier, unless players ignore reforging altogether.

The reforging change is great, however my thoughts are that the reforge costs should be otherwise denominated, perhaps giving the option to use runes/scrolls instead of ore.


Cross-posting (look at me helping out!)


Two more cents: reforging costs should change based on present rarity. Presently it costs the same to reroll an epic and a mythic item. The costs are outlandish for rerolling an epic item.


Following up on this one in a separate post. Pre-Update 1.4 it was clear that a given gearset was limited to about 10 attributes (see charts below); Post-Update 1.4 it is looking more and more like any attribute is possible on any item in any gearset. If that is the case, then it is even more necessary that we get the ability to lock in certain attributes when doing Attribute Reforging. There are currently 28 possible options for Attributes 2, 3 and 4 and rolling over and over again to constantly get just 1 or if we are lucky 2 that work feels really disheartening over time particularly if you already have a nice piece with 1 or 2 attributes you favor. As you level up more gear to legendary and mythic you are just increasing the likelihood of disappointment due to the number of bad variables (attributes you dont want) compared to good (attributes you do want).

Just for reference, here is the Pre-Update 1.4 Attribute Map of eligible Attributes on gear/gearsets (certain items underrepresented due to scarcity of examples, like Season 1.3 Dreamhold gear)



Soulchaser has lost the blueprints of the Guard Broadsword:


Archived Seasons still refer to the old Seasonal relics and not the new universal ones.


And with the relic changes, Season shops have been nerfed. No more weekly Epic or Legendary Relics. Mythic relics or near bust.

There needs to be some kind of carrot dangling between F2P Mode and going “all-in” with a Platinum Pass. That’s a rather harsh change otherwise for Gold Pass buyers.

EDIT: Missing Text in new Platinum Pass:

Both new premium skins are missing their flavor text.

EDIT 2: Poor Hellcat still doesn’t have its flames back from 1.2.

Why would you want to waste Seasonal currency on generic relics that you can get from any number of other sources? I agree that Gold Pass seems pointless to a certain degree but personally I’m glad that I don’t have to waste the precious seasonal currency on generic relics.

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Epic? Sure. Drowning in them.

Legendary? I seem to have a profound problem keeping any number of them in stock. Removing a guaranteed 1 Legendary relic per week for a trivial amount of Season currency is a significant nerf to acquisition rates of those relics. Unless there’s some other reliable and dependable replacement source for their removal that you are aware of that is not the 1-per-week Ruby Mark exchange?

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With the new change to relics being collapsed to one type for each rarity up to legendary, if you are drowning in epic relics then each Eveline crystal owned/acquired + gems = legendary relic. 20 Eveline crystals + 2500 gems (and whatever the ore is) = 20 legendary relics immediately available. That’s a much friendlier rate of conversion than previously available. I would imagine given how long you have been playing that you must have at least some eveline crystals and gems in reserve.