Advice wanted - Evolve and/or Rerolling Attributes?

Looking for Advice - Barbarian Build - Warlord - Red - Legendary items of which MANY (most) have poor attributes

Specifically I don’t know what to do with my Weapon (Warlord Battleaxe Red)

With reference to Sibelios’s post - Cleave and Firestrike were the best options I could hope for and the best possible combo might have been Firestrike, Cleave, Parry(?)

If re-rolling opens up everything, then getting 3 good attributes for a specific gear piece in a specific build starts to look very challenging to obtain

So what would you do?
A) Re-roll Red legendary?
And if so, how many times before an alternative option would have been worth considering?

B) Evolve it to Mythic (then reroll)

C) Evolve the Epic Red to legendary and re-evaluate

D) Evolve the Epic Blue with Firestrike to legendary, or beyond, (knowing I can change colour to red later when needed)

E) Evolve the Rare item and see what it’s Epic attribute is

F) Decide its all RNG so all options are basically the same chance of disappointment

G) Wait until the magical time in the future when you can target an attribute for a re-roll

Let me know what you would do

I am leaning towards Option B - Upgrade to Mythic and reroll x-times, just have no idea about how deep that re-roll rabbit hole goes

I think B is the clear winner. Odds are your upgrades will result in attributes you want to reroll anyway, so I would rule out the epic items and focus on the legendary red.
I would recommend you don’t do anything until you get it to Mythic first. The your reroll will get you a full set of attributes to look at. I think the ideal roll for a legendary Berserker weapon would be:
Strong (mandatory 1st attribute)

The odds of getting this combo are probably in the 1:3000 range, so prepare for some lesser version.

Since we can get anything on any piece of gear now (?), getting exactly what you want on a single piece is less important, so you can get your firestrike on other items. Getting 3 useful attributes is far more important than getting the perfect item.


Well thought out response - thanks, that really helps, especially the view on range of items having better attributes

I agree the Aim, Cleave, Firestrike combo would be AMAZING!

Seconding what OuttaTime said with Option B as the superior choice.

The legendary weapon is a decent defensive weapon as-is currently. If you’re looking for a pure offense weapon, then OuttaTime is on the money (though can you have Aim and Cleave on the same item???).

OuttaTime is also right in that rolling anything near that exact combination is close to impossible and getting three solid attributes on a gear piece should be the goal.

Also, Warlord gear tends to bias towards Firepact/strike, so there’s a decent chance you’ll see one of them appear on a Mythic reroll.

Thanks for your thoughts - Seems like upgrade and then likely re-roll is the way to go

How I wish that was my experience! (Light damage boost currently +22% vs 10% for Fire)
Re-rolls to the rescue…?..??