A question about gear attribute "drops" (or, Gemka hates me, the old witch)

Dear Beautiful Dev-People,

I have fed Gemka about 3000 gems to recraft attributes on my Dwarven necklace. I have refused all of her recrafts and now I’m down about 7200 gems. I have reached one of two possible conclusions:

  1. Gemka hates me. “Here, have another Light Ward!” she says.
  2. Certain attributes will only drop on certain pieces of gear OR they are just exceedingly rare in their drop rates.

So, before I spend another 16,600 gems on Gemka, I thought I would ask. Do desired attributes like “Aim” or “Cleave” only drop on certain kinds of gear or do certain attributes just have very low drop rates? I would be willing to reinvest the 42,800 gems I’ve already given to Gemka if there’s still a chance of a good drop on my necklace.

Thanks, Devs!

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Current player thought is that the 5 elemental wards, 5 elemental strikes, and 5 elemental pacts dilute the attribute pool. RNG’s gonna RNG, but the roulette wheel has a lot of spaces that aren’t the greatest.



As of last update, all attributes are possible, but depending on the set some are more likely to occur.
I have asked for a list of the Gear sets and this information, once we have something we can share and more importantly, is readable, the CX team will either make a post here or create a Game Guide article for it.


Thanks @Jeto that sounds really great!

Given the recent game changes (e.g. removal of chip damage) - Are their plans to review/rework some of the attributes that were negatively impacted (e.g. Fire/Ice/Dark-strike)?

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@Jeto Thanks! I have to write more characters in order to be able to get this to post, so these are the extras.

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Here is a pic of both option available for neckless.
Also the earliest time to reroll for attributes is of course legendary, but mythic gear is the only true worth for rerolling.

This is interesting to hear. Before the update there was a clear limit to what could be rolled. After the update we tested extensively and realized that indeed, any attribute is possible, but it’s news to hear that there is some sort of weighting based on gearset as to which attributes are rolled.

This would be greatly appreciated. Given the randomness of rerolling and the preciousness of gems currency, having a better idea of more likely possibilities would be good to know.


I have entered into the gear filter the text ‘Aim’, and ‘Cleave’.
Currently have the Flametree Helm, Night Cloak, Night Amulet, Night Wand and Ygdratha Pendant with ‘Aim’. Maybe the chance is higher in Night items.
Witch ‘Cleave’ I have a Bone and a Firewalker item, several Guard’s and Royal ones and two Warlord’s items. There may have a tendency, too.

We would like to have an official list (the program code must have it), it would be greatly helpful for those who try to change the gear attributes for gems…