To RNG or not to RNG, that is the question: Gemka Reforge

  • I had a bounty of gems, so I thought I’d reforge the attributes of my new mythic royal ring.
  • I reforged a 3 or 4 times before I finally kept one of the configurations.
  • Because I still didn’t really like the one I kept, I thought I’d try one more time for something better
  • However, the very next reforge gave me the EXACT same configuration that I had just given up, LOL. Here’s a screenshot (although I didn’t think to screenshot the very very initial config):

Is this expected behavior? I mean, out of all the permutations of traits that I could have ended up with, what’s the likelihood that I’d end up with the exact same configuration that I had just given up not more than ten seconds earlier?

It happened with me also reforging my dragonguard ring.

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Just to follow up, was the configuration of these attributes in the exact same slots as well, or were they the same attributes but in a different place?

@Jeto if I remember correctly, same exact attributes, but different slots

If it was different slots, I do think this is RNG as we have things in place to prevent something that has been rerolled from appearing again in the exact position? I have a vague memory…

AH HA! I do go on to mention

So yes, you can get the same attributes in different slots but I’ll follow up if there is any update on preventing the same attributes in a different slot!

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My situation was:
original: very useless attributes (I don’t remember, mostly color bonuses, not my colors)
first reforge: something better, but still very little value for me - accepted the reforged item
second reforge (right after the first): the very same original attributes.
I believe it was the same order as the original, and it doesn’t trigger any constraints, because it was not the same as before the actual reforge, but the one before it…

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