[Reported] Error when changing abilities

I was changing the abilities on my mythic dreamhold gloves and got a decent roll on my 1st try. I took the new version, but when I selected it I got an error message and the game gave me my old version of the dreamhold touch (gloves) and kept my 200 gems. Can you help me get the new version I just rolled or something, please?

Member Name: Kenpo_Kid69

As you can see I lost the keep reforged (even though I pressed it) got an error message and it gave me the original (worse) version back and took my 200 gems. I’d rather just have the new version I rolled.

@KenpoKid69 do you have a screenshot of the error by any chance?

No, I didn’t think to snap a picture. But I’m fairly certain it was the same error as Magian’s, some type of momentary server issue, as they happened at around the same time. Another person on psn chat mentioned it too.

No worries, we can see due to getting an error the reforgeconfirmation failed, so the team is looking at your account data to change those attributes over for you.


Oh thank so much. I was worried you were just going to give me the 200 gems back, appreciate it.

Was made a lot easier by seeing all the screenshots of the reforged attributes so we can confirm what they were - and I luckily grabbed a dev at the right time, as it’s not something I could change myself.

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All done, you just might need to completely close and relaunch PQ