[Reported] Dreamhold Pledge Awards Incorrect Mana Amounts on Activation

Bug: The Season 1.3 Ring Dreamhold Pledge is awarding different amounts of mana that what its description states.

Wearing a Legendary version of the ring into battle,


The game is awarding 4 mana per activation and not 6.

So, either:

A) the mana being awarded is on activation is incorrect
B) the ring’s description about the amount of mana awarded on activation is incorrect.

  1. I am not surprised, at all, considering the other bugs in the 1.3 release.

  2. I just tested with the 2 mana version. I matched 5 red gems and got 0 mana for all of my green spells.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for sharing these reports! I have the “gain 4” version and only received 2 green mana myself, grabbed a recording and passed it on to the team.

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