Reforging Scammers Anonymous

To me, this appears to be a bug associated with reforging (or at minumum very poor design). Today I felt quite scammed:

I paid 200 gems and 300 ore for no change. Please provide some feedback about whether this should be an intended outcome!


Ok, this is objectively terrible

It would seem reasonable to me that if the same overall combination occurred, that the gems are refunded (ore is spent)

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Hey all,

This is the worst reroll!

While this is not a bug, there is a chance after rerolling in a different slot (not the same slot) you could get the same attribute, I have passed this onto the team to look into if this can changed to prevent duplicate attributes across all slots.
Along with the previously shared feedback of wanting to be able to select which slot can be rerolled.

Jeto - Support Human :mage:


So to confirm
It is not possible to re-roll that same attribute in the exact same slot, but you can still get it in a different one?
Aren’t all slots being functionally the same?

THIS, please

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Correct, you shouldn’t get the same attribute in the same slot but you could in another.

Now, I’m no game designer/programmer, I am but a humble support dev :sweat_smile: so I can’t speak on how the slots and rerolling functionality works but like I mentioned, I have raised this with the team this morning and should I get more information I can share I shall return!


Thanks for the quick reply and fingers crossed for further improvements in this area
As someone who had TERRIBLE attributes on most gear items, the changes already have been fairly decent for me, but there are some aspects that could be made even better :slight_smile:

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I gotta think the odds of that are pretty low. You won the rng lottery, albeit on the :poop: side of things.

Not that rare.

I’ve rolled less than a dozen or so changes on various items. This sucks @Jeto. Not much more disheartening than spending all the resources for zero effective change. Of course this just makes me saltier about trying and failing to join the whales in t0 PVP.


This is interesting. But there is another thing to consider. If there is NO chance to get an attribute that you already have, then there would be even more reason NOT to reroll gear that already has at least one good attribute. :thinking: So fixing this would make the ability to lock attributes even more necessary.


It shouldn’t be hard to fix such that you are guaranteed x-1 new attributes, where x is the number of attributes being rolled. Or so that you can reroll and just not turn ab into ba or abc into cab. I would love to see attribute locking for rerolls, but it’s not required to fix this issue.

If I understand you… you mean making it so you CAN get some of the same attributes, just not ALL of the same? If so, I agree. In my opinion that would be better than the current reality, and also better than making it guarantee all new attributes. If and when we do get attribute locking, then I’d kinda want the guarantied new attributes. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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That’s exactly what I was trying to say. That you should be guaranteed that all but one of the attributes you’re rerolling have to be new. So it’s possible to end up with one of your previous attributes, but not all of them.


I am not gonna lie I would be very upset if I did this and got the same attributes. I don’t see any way that a player would be happy about this so why don’t you guys just fix it?

Do you want your player base defeated and disheartened? Seems to me that you would want to fix crap like this so that you don’t loose paying players. Doesn’t seem like a smart design or business decision to keep this as is.

I also would like to see attribute locking for re-rolls. I don’t see why if I am re-rolling I shouldn’t get the option to keep at least one that I am happy with. I mean I am still paying the gems to re-roll the one I don’t like so why not make your players happy and let them have a bit more control over this process.


There’s probably a more appropriate thread to put this in but I’ll put it here for the moment. I would also like attribute locking but given how strong the RNG element in this game is I’m not sure the devs would go for it but I hope so.

The issue I have with rerolling attributes at the moment is there isn’t much point in rerolling until you get an item to mythic. What’s the point in spending all those gems rerolling a legendary item if you then upgraded to mythic later on and get something utterly useless. Especially if you settled on reasonable but not great attributes on a legendary item. Given this problem, when rerolling attributes I was wondering if they could make it so you only reroll the most recent attribute you received on the item (or all of them if you desire). This would be one way to introduce locking attributes while solving the problem I mentioned at the start of this paragraph.